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Jewellery Design Centre Reopens in Lismore’s Starcourt Arcade

by Madonna

After a resilient journey of nearly two years, the Jewellery Design Centre is making a triumphant return to Lismore’s CBD, signaling a rejuvenation in the wake of challenges faced by the business.

Gary and Mariska Pinkerton, the driving force behind the 35-year-old jewellery store, have officially reopened their doors at the Starcourt Arcade. The return marks a significant milestone, following the permanent closure of their physical showroom on Molesworth Street.


The Pinkerton family, with a legacy spanning seven generations in the jewellery industry, had operated as The Lismore Jewel Centre since 1988. Adapting to changing times, the business now operates in a more compact space with a renewed focus on bespoke jewellery.


The revamped approach involves customers engaging in discussions about their preferences before witnessing the creation of their desired piece through detailed drawings and 3D videos.


Reflecting on the journey, Mr. Pinkerton expressed the importance of maintaining a presence in the town, stating, “My father opened a shop here in 1960, and it’s important to have a presence in town.”

The Jewellery Design Centre continues to provide an array of services, encompassing jewellery repair, design, appraisal, remodeling, and stocking items for various special occasions.

The road to recovery involved grappling with the aftermath of floods, insurance issues, and adapting to a work-from-home model. The Pinkertons, determined to maintain their level of service, facilitated house visits and met customers at various locations during this period.

Now, with the reopening of their physical store at Starcourt Arcade, the Jewellery Design Centre aims to contribute to the revitalization of Lismore’s central business district. Mr. Pinkerton expressed optimism, saying, “Hopefully, it’s another incentive for people to come back into town.”

The response from the community has been heartening, with Mr. Pinkerton expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support. “A lot of people have come in already saying they were waiting for us to return, so it’s great to have that customer loyalty,” he said. The new shop, with its classic charm, is set to be a focal point for those seeking exquisite jewellery and personalized service in Lismore.


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