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Harpole Jewellery Unveils Remarkable Secrets of Medieval Burial Site

by Madonna

In a groundbreaking discovery, Harpole jewellery reveals secrets buried for over a millennium, prompting experts to suggest that the meticulous examination of these artifacts could potentially reshape our understanding of the region’s history.

The revelations come from a burial site located near Harpole in south Northamptonshire, where an array of astonishing items, including a “unique” cross, and 30 pendants and beads, were unearthed. Archaeologists believe that these finds, dating back 1300 years, are linked to the final resting place of a young and high-status woman.


The discovery unfolded last year during archaeological work conducted on land earmarked for a housing development near the village of Harpole. Among the remarkable finds was a large cross, initially identified through X-ray images of a soil block.


The cross, described as “unique,” features a central cross adorned with a smaller gold cross embellished with five garnets. Silver crosses are also present at each arm’s end. Micro-excavation under controlled laboratory conditions revealed that the cross comprised thin silver sheets affixed to wood. Ongoing research aims to identify the wood’s nature.


Simon Mortimer, a consultant from RPS Archaeology, expressed his awe at the central gold and garnet clasp, stating, “Seeing the central gold and garnet clasp cleaned up is breath-taking. We always knew that it stood alongside Sutton Hoo and the Staffordshire Hoard – but this confirms it.” Mortimer emphasized that unraveling the woman’s identity, origin, and the circumstances surrounding her burial would significantly impact our comprehension of early medieval Northamptonshire.

The meticulous examination of the soil block also brought to light additional parts of the woman’s skeleton, complementing fragments of teeth discovered earlier. This includes the upper part of a femur, various vertebrae, and portions of a hand and wrist.

The 30 pendants and beads, forming a gold, glass, and gemstone necklace, have undergone cleaning, unveiling intricate goldwork, semi-precious stones, and richly colored glass. Experts from the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) assert that the discoveries signify a vital addition to the historical narrative of the region.

As further analysis and research unfold, the Harpole jewellery revelations stand poised to rewrite the history books, shedding light on the life and legacy of a young woman from a bygone era.


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