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Jewelers Mutual Survey Reveals Growing Trend in Holiday Self-Purchasing of Jewelry

by Madonna

Jewelry self-purchasing during holidays and birthdays is on the rise, according to the results of a survey conducted by insurance company Jewelers Mutual. The findings underscore a growing connection between self-care and the act of buying jewelry, where occasions like holidays and birthdays serve as significant motivations for consumers to indulge in self-gifting.

The survey illuminates a shift in consumer behavior, emphasizing the increasing importance placed on mental well-being, self-care, and self-celebration. Krystle Craycraft, senior vice-president of marketing and digital at Jewelers Mutual, notes, “Jewellery is so much more than metal and stone; it’s a symbol of independence and self-expression.”


Key findings from the survey include:

1. Gendered Trends: Female consumers show a preference for purchasing necklaces and earrings, while male consumers lean towards watches.


2. Frequency of Self-Purchases: Approximately half of the respondents reported buying jewelry for themselves only once a year.


3. Heirloom Motivation: An overwhelming 96% of self-purchasers express the intention of potentially passing down the jewelry they buy for themselves as heirlooms.

4. Jewelry Protection Education: The survey reveals that 39% of self-purchasers have not had their fine jewelry inspected, highlighting a potential gap in awareness regarding jewelry protection.

As consumers increasingly view jewelry as a form of self-expression and independence, the findings suggest a shift in the industry’s landscape, with individuals placing greater emphasis on meaningful self-purchases during special occasions.


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