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Renowned Chinese Jeweler, Wallace Chan, Reflects on Time and Unveils Masterpiece at Christie’s London

by Madonna

Following his grand exhibition at Christie’s London in September, featuring over 150 unique pieces of jewelry and six large-scale titanium sculptures, celebrated Chinese master jeweler Wallace Chan delves into his relationship with time, his creative process during COVID-19, and his latest creation, the “Legend of the Color Black.” This oversized shoulder brooch is adorned with an extraordinary 312.24-carat black diamond, making it one of the largest known cut black diamonds in existence.

In a candid conversation, Chan shares his evolving perspective on time, acknowledging its significance as he navigates the creative landscape at the age of 67. He emphasizes the compression of time, recognizing its precious nature and its role as a vital element in his artistic endeavors. Chan draws parallels between different experiences, such as meditation and moments of pain, noting how they influence his perception of time.


When asked about translating time into his jewelry pieces, Chan points to the intricate details of his creations, particularly the delicate wings of his butterflies. He explores the portrayal of different moments—gentle, slow passages and intense, swift movements—capturing the essence of time through swirling patterns and dynamic designs. Additionally, Chan highlights the longevity of his works, envisioning them as time capsules for future generations to explore and decipher the eras embedded in the materials he employs.


The masterpiece, “Legend of the Color Black,” takes center stage in the conversation. Chan shares his contemplative journey with darkness and the symbolic transformation of fear into wisdom. The profound symbolism behind the black diamond leads Chan to construct a dialogue with rock crystal, representing the interplay between yin and yang. The shoulder brooch becomes a metaphor for life, with lessons embedded in its creation—a delicate balance, a dialogue between elements, and a fusion of memories, failures, and successes.


In Chan’s words, “Even just a part of a structure contains something about life. Very often, it’s a lot of memories coming together to become one creation, so it’s not just one idea for a creation, but all the memories coming together, and all the failures and successes that come together to make this happen.”

Wallace Chan’s artistic journey continues to unfold, offering profound insights into the interconnectedness of time, life, and the artistry that transcends both.


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