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Trio Pleads Not Guilty to RM1.4 Million Jewellery Heist Charges

by Madonna

KUALA KANGSAR: In a courtroom drama, three individuals, identified as R. Gunasellan, 52, AF Adrian Raj Dominic, 29, and R. Anandan, 35, stood before Judge Rohaida Ishak at the Sessions Court, jointly charged with committing a RM1.4 million jewellery heist. The trio, along with six accomplices who are still at large, faced charges of armed gang robbery.

The accused entered pleas of not guilty to the charges leveled against them. The court heard that the group, armed with a machete, confronted victims Chong Yong Seng and Tan Kang Chiat, both 26 years old, during the incident. The robbery transpired at the Jalan Dato Maharajalela parking area on November 6, around 9:40 am, where the victims were carrying jewellery valued at RM1.4 million.


If found guilty, the trio could be subjected to a maximum sentence of 20 years in jail, coupled with whipping as a punishment. Judge Rohaida granted bail to the accused, setting it at RM20,000 with two sureties each. Notably, one of the sureties is required to be a family member. Additionally, the accused were ordered to report to a police station once a month until the case is disposed of, according to reports.


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