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Dazzling Displays: High Jewellery Highlights from Tatler Ball at The Londoner Macao 2023

by Madonna

The Tatler Ball at The Londoner Macao 2023 emerged as a glamorous celebration of opulence, where the crème de la crème of Asia converged in a spectacle of style and elegance. Amidst the grandeur of haute couture, the event showcased an array of show-stopping jewellery, from ethereal diamond necklaces to statement watches. The elite attendees, including luminaries like model and artist Kōki from Japan, Kanyawee ‘Thanaerng’ Songmuang from Thailand, and Ayla Sham from Hong Kong, transformed the night into a dazzling parade of extraordinary gems.

Aligned with the evening’s theme, “Shades of Extraordinary,” guests interpreted this with bold colors, innovative silhouettes, and dynamic diamonds, making an indelible statement on the red carpet. High fashion labels such as Valentino, Fendi, and Giambattista Valli seamlessly blended with pieces from esteemed high jewellery houses like Chopard, Bulgari, Chaumet, and Chanel, creating a vibrant tapestry of style, grace, and creativity.


Emily Lam-Ho epitomized timeless elegance with a statement Chopard bracelet and earrings, harmonizing perfectly with her electric blue Alexandre Vauthier gown and Dior bag. Antonia Li and Feiping Chang adorned themselves with Tiffany & Co jewellery, with Li’s Autopilot gown serving as a stunning canvas for her Tiffany & Co diamond pendant earrings and bracelet. Chang’s petite diamond earrings provided a striking contrast to her sultry Tom Ford dress.


Fiona McLeish dazzled in Hearts On Fire chandelier earrings, adding a touch of allure to her Sau Lee dress and bag. Marion Caunter, the Malaysian television presenter, opted for the Chanel Fil de Comète high jewellery necklace to complement her chic all-black ensemble.


Hong Kong’s Eleanor Lam and Japanese model-influencer Kōki both radiated in Bulgari jewellery. Lam’s Bulgari white diamond parure enhanced the glamour of her Fendi couture, while Kōki’s Bulgari earrings and serpenti necklace matched her Valentino gown, sparkling just as brightly as she did while accepting her award for Tatler Asia’s Style Icon at the ball.

Kanyawee ‘Thanaerng’ Songmuang showcased a Chopard necklace from the Red Carpet 2019 collection, adorned with tanzanites, Paraiba tourmalines, amethysts, and white diamonds, pairing it impeccably with her Thai designer gown. Ayla Sham elevated her Valentino gown with Chaumet drop earrings and an Omega watch, presenting a masterclass in pairing haute couture with haute joaillerie.

Not to be outdone, Peter Cheung added a touch of sophistication to his Dries Van Noten ensemble with a striking floral collar brooch. Taiwanese American singer and actor Vaness Wu broke gender norms by layering multiple pendants and sporting edgy dangling ear cuffs, proving once again that high jewellery knows no gender boundaries. The Tatler Ball at The Londoner Macao 2023 undoubtedly left a lasting impression with its fusion of fashion and exquisite jewellery, setting new standards for elegance and luxury.


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