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Platinum Born Unveils Five Dazzling Collections at New York Press Preview

by Madonna

New York— Platinum Born, renowned for its innovative use of platinum in everyday jewelry, recently showcased its latest offerings during a press preview in New York. Distributed exclusively by Suna Bros., Platinum Born, introduced in 2017 by the Platinum Guild, has unveiled five new collections: “Debut,” “Limitless,” “Celestial,” “Modern,” and “Prestige.”

Embodying the brand’s distinct aesthetic, the new collections feature Platinum Born’s signature faceted platinum beads, enhancing a range of drop earrings, single- and double-strand necklaces suitable for standalone wear or layering, as well as tassel-style earrings and necklaces. Crafted by skilled artisans in Japan, each piece exudes a unique blend of craftsmanship and elegance.


Debut Collection: A Fusion of Platinum and Gemstones

The “Debut” collection marks a milestone for Platinum Born, featuring its first pieces adorned with gemstones. This collection artfully combines freshwater pearls with platinum, creating a “dream elegance” inspired by nature. The earrings, necklaces, and bracelets offer simplicity for everyday wear, yet easily transition into more formal settings when paired with sophisticated pieces. Prices for the “Debut” collection range from $470 to $2,650.


Limitless Collection: Charismatic Pieces with Light-Reflecting Platinum Beads

The “Limitless” collection introduces more charismatic pieces, adorned with faceted platinum beads that playfully catch and reflect light. Featuring circular designs, infinity motifs, and an adjustable statement necklace, this collection offers a playful yet sophisticated aesthetic. Prices for the “Limitless” collection range from $330 to $6,980.


Celestial Collection: Inspired by the Cosmic Origins of Platinum

Drawing inspiration from the cosmic origins of platinum, the “Celestial” collection pays homage to the metal’s birth from a cosmic meteor shower over 2 billion years ago. Pieces in this collection boast a star-like sparkle, catering to wearers seeking a more dramatic look. Prices for the “Celestial” collection range from $650 to $5,500.

Modern Collection: Contemporary Elegance with Sleek Designs

The “Modern” collection embraces contemporary aesthetics, featuring sleek and sculptural designs. Soft curves and versatile shapes combine to offer a confident and assured style. Prices for the “Modern” collection range from $830 to $5,300.

Prestige Collection: Making a Statement with Platinum

The “Prestige” collection is a showcase of statement pieces, reflecting bold design and sophistication. Prices for the “Prestige” collection range from $890 to $21,000.

Each collection is a testament to Platinum Born’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of platinum’s use in jewelry, offering a diverse range of styles and price points for the discerning consumer.


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