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Capturing Zoë Kravitz’s Jewelry Aesthetic: Style Tips and Recommendations

by Madonna

In the expansive and enchanting realm of jewelry, from the trendiest TikTok-approved huggies to the delicate rings that perfect the art of effortless stacking, finding that ideal piece can feel like discovering a hidden gem. One sparkling strategy for navigating this vast world is to draw inspiration from style icons and celebrities who effortlessly showcase their unique flair.

Enter Zoë Kravitz, whose influence extends beyond the red carpet to the realm of jewelry. Known for her petite tattoos and intricately stacked ear studs, Kravitz’s style has become a beacon for those seeking to emulate a distinctive and confident aesthetic. Her innate sense of style, influenced by iconic parents Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, provides a canvas for self-expression and experimentation.


Kravitz’s style seamlessly weaves elements of femininity and masculinity. As the brand ambassador for Omega, she challenges traditional norms, recently flaunting a 34mm watch that effortlessly blurs the lines between watch size and gender.


The ‘Zoë Kravitz effect’ radiates a quiet confidence, evident even in her engagement announcement to Channing Tatum. On Halloween, the couple revealed their engagement in a Rosemary’s Baby costume, with Kravitz subtly showcasing her distinctive engagement ring—a sizable diamond with captivating black detailing.


For those looking to capture Kravitz’s distinctive style, here are some key pieces that push the boundaries, just like she does:

1. Tiny Stacked Studs

Kravitz has mastered the art of ear-stacking, often opting for a combination of tiny studs. With multiple piercings and an array of options, including pieces from Maria Tash, Stone & Strand, and Lagos, emulating Kravitz’s ear style becomes an accessible and creative endeavor.

2. Watches

As the face of Omega, Kravitz has embraced the world of watches. Seen pairing a sleek black dress with a 34mm watch, she demonstrates that there are no rigid rules when it comes to watch size and gender. Dare to size up in watches and explore colorful straps and dials to add a touch of individuality.

3. The Hint of Black Engagement Ring

Kravitz’s blackened gold engagement ring perfectly aligns with her personal style. For those looking to step outside conventional norms, consider options from Jessica McCormack, Sauer, and Swarovski to infuse a hint of black into your engagement ring, echoing Kravitz’s unique elegance.

Embracing Zoë Kravitz’s jewelry aesthetic is an invitation to celebrate authenticity and self-confidence, pushing boundaries in the world of personal adornment.


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