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Amarillo Icon, Barnes Jewelry, Announces Closure After Nearly Seven Decades

by Madonna

AMARILLO, Texas (KVII) — A venerable Amarillo jewelry institution, Barnes Jewelry, has made the somber decision to close its doors after a storied presence of nearly 70 years in the community.

The closure, described by owner Don Adams as an “incredibly hard decision,” marks the end of an era for the establishment that first opened its doors in 1956.


Reflecting on the decision, Adams expressed the profound impact Barnes Jewelry has had on the community, stating, “Throughout the years, we have had the honor of meeting so many wonderful people and helping generations of families. We have enjoyed serving everyone and celebrating each moment in the lives of our customers.”


As part of the closure process, Barnes Jewelry has announced plans to liquidate its entire multimillion-dollar inventory of diamonds, designer jewelry, and watches. The liquidation sale, extending until the first part of 2024, promises discounts that, according to Adams, are “never offered before in the store’s history.”


The community is invited to take part in this historic event and acquire pieces from the renowned collection as Barnes Jewelry bids farewell to its long-standing legacy.


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