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NMSU Metals Club Shines at 41st Annual Jewelry Sale

by Madonna

Art students at New Mexico State University (NMSU) demonstrated their exceptional creativity and craftsmanship at the 41st Annual Jewelry Sale hosted by the NMSU Metals Club. The event serves the dual purpose of showcasing unique jewelry pieces and supporting students in the jewelry and metalworking fields.

The sale provided a valuable platform for students to display their one-of-a-kind creations to the public, ranging from delicate and intricate pieces to bold and daring designs. The diversity in styles catered to a broad spectrum of tastes, making it a memorable experience for both the artists and the community.


Isabel Solorza, a Ph.D. art major specializing in metals and jewelry making, emphasized the significance of the event. “This sale is a tremendous opportunity for students to gain exposure and network within the artistic community,” said Solorza. “It’s a chance for our names to be recognized and for our skills to transition from student artwork to professional craftsmanship.”


The funds generated from the jewelry sale play a crucial role in supporting the activities of the metals department. Proceeds are utilized to purchase new equipment and tools for the metals studio, ensuring a continuous cycle of growth and improvement.


Rae Legere, a studio art major, shared insights into the meticulous process behind her wirework jewelry, inspired by the simple elegance of stars. Legere expressed joy in seeing people appreciate and engage with her work, highlighting the personal connection between the artist and the audience.

Darcy Matthews, president of the NMSU Metals Club, acknowledged the exceptional community support and enthusiasm for the event. “The support and enthusiasm from the community have been phenomenal,” said Matthews. “It’s a rewarding experience for the artists to witness such interest in their creations.”

While challenges in organizing and promoting the event were noted, including coordinating over a hundred unique pieces, the joy of collaboration and witnessing the community’s appreciation made it all worthwhile. Looking ahead, the club plans to continue engaging with the community through events like bake sales and additional future sales, recognizing the importance of balancing creativity with practicality and time management.

The success of the 41st Annual Jewelry Sale not only showcased the talents of NMSU art students but also reinforced the strong connection between the university’s artistic community and the broader public.


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