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Can Aquamarine Crystal Go In Water: A Full Guide

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Aquamarine, with its soothing blue hues reminiscent of tranquil waters, has long captivated the hearts of crystal enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike. This mesmerizing gem, a variety of the mineral beryl, is known for its association with the sea and the calming energies it is believed to impart. In this article, we delve into the question that often arises among crystal enthusiasts: Can Aquamarine crystals go in water? By unraveling the mystical properties of Aquamarine and understanding its connection with water, we aim to provide insights into the safe and intentional use of this crystal in water-related practices.

Aquamarine’s Crystal Clear Identity: A Brief Overview

Before delving into the specifics of Aquamarine’s interaction with water, let’s first explore the crystal’s unique characteristics and historical significance.


1. Composition and Formation: Aquamarine is a variety of beryl, a mineral that also includes well-known gems like emerald and morganite. The distinctive blue-green color of Aquamarine is attributed to the presence of iron, and the crystal is typically found in granite pegmatites and certain metamorphic rocks.


2. Historical Significance: The use of Aquamarine dates back to ancient times, with civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans admiring its beauty and ascribing various mystical properties to the gem. In folklore, Aquamarine was believed to be a treasure of mermaids, symbolizing protection and tranquility.


3. Spiritual Associations: In the realm of spirituality, Aquamarine is often associated with the throat chakra, promoting clear communication and self-expression. Its connection to water elements aligns it with the emotions, making it a sought-after crystal for emotional healing and balance.

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The Elemental Harmony: Aquamarine’s Affinity with Water Energies

Aquamarine’s affinity with water goes beyond its visual resemblance to the sea. Water, in various spiritual and metaphysical traditions, is often associated with emotions, intuition, and the fluidity of life. The gentle, flowing nature of water mirrors the calming and purifying properties attributed to Aquamarine.

Energetic Correspondence: Aquamarine and the Throat Chakra

One of the key spiritual associations of Aquamarine is its resonance with the throat chakra. The throat chakra, located in the region of the neck, is considered the center of communication and self-expression. Aquamarine’s soothing energy is believed to enhance the openness and clarity of the throat chakra, facilitating honest and compassionate communication.

Mystical Properties: Aquamarine’s Role in Emotional Healing

Aquamarine is often hailed as a crystal of emotional healing, offering a sense of calmness and balance to the turbulent waters of emotions. Its connection to water energies aligns it with the ebb and flow of feelings, making it a valuable companion for those navigating emotional challenges.

1. Calming Turbulent Emotions: The tranquil energy of Aquamarine is said to calm turbulent emotions, promoting a sense of serenity and peace. This makes it a favored choice for individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, or overwhelming emotions.

2. Facilitating Emotional Release: Aquamarine is believed to assist in the release of pent-up emotions and unexpressed feelings. By promoting a free flow of energy, the crystal supports individuals in acknowledging and letting go of emotional burdens.

3. Encouraging Emotional Clarity: The clarity associated with Aquamarine extends beyond the physical appearance of the crystal to its metaphysical properties. Using Aquamarine in meditation or energy work is thought to bring about emotional clarity, allowing individuals to gain insights into their feelings and experiences.

The Water Question: Can Aquamarine Crystals Go in Water?

1. Understanding Crystal Water Compatibility

The question of whether Aquamarine crystals can go in water is a common inquiry among crystal enthusiasts. While Aquamarine is generally considered safe for water-related practices, there are important considerations to keep in mind.

2. Hardness and Durability: A Crystal’s Water Suitability

One of the primary factors determining a crystal’s suitability for contact with water is its hardness. Aquamarine boasts a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, indicating a relatively durable crystal. This hardness level suggests that Aquamarine can withstand brief contact with water without undergoing significant damage or deterioration.

3. Avoiding Prolonged Submersion: A Cautionary Note

While Aquamarine can tolerate brief contact with water, prolonged submersion may not be advisable. Extended exposure to water, especially in the case of softer crystals, can lead to structural damage, surface alterations, or the potential for minerals to leach out of the crystal.

Cleansing Aquamarine: The Ritual of Crystal Purification

Incorporating Aquamarine into water-based practices often involves the cleansing and purifying of the crystal. This ritual is essential for removing any accumulated energies and restoring the crystal to its optimal vibrational state.

1. Rinsing Under Running Water: Briefly rinsing Aquamarine under cool, running water is a common method for cleansing the crystal. Visualize the water carrying away any unwanted energies, leaving the crystal refreshed.

2. Sunlight or Moonlight Bath: Placing Aquamarine in sunlight or moonlight for several hours is another effective cleansing method. The purifying energies of the sun or moon can help revitalize the crystal’s energy.

3. Saltwater Cleansing: Some practitioners opt for a saltwater cleanse, using a mild solution of sea salt and water. It’s crucial to ensure that the saltwater concentration is not too high, as excessive salt can damage certain crystals.

Energizing with Water: Infusing Aquamarine with Intention

Beyond cleansing, water can be used to infuse Aquamarine with specific intentions. This process involves imbuing the crystal with the energy of water, enhancing its connection to emotional healing and fluidity.

1. Intentional Immersement: Immerse Aquamarine in a bowl of water and set clear intentions for the infusion process. Visualize the crystal absorbing the gentle, purifying energy of the water, aligning it with the fluid and transformative properties of this elemental force.

2. Moonwater Infusion: Placing Aquamarine in a container of moonwater—a vessel of water charged under the energy of the full moon—can add an extra layer of spiritual potency. Moonwater is revered for its ability to enhance the metaphysical properties of crystals.

3. Meditative Connection: Introduce Aquamarine into your meditation or mindfulness practice by incorporating a bowl of water. Place the crystal near the water, allowing its energy to merge with the soothing and reflective qualities of the liquid element.

Aquamarine Elixirs: Harnessing the Essence of Water

Creating gemstone elixirs is a practice where the energetic essence of a crystal is infused into water for various purposes, such as drinking or anointing. While Aquamarine can be used to make an elixir, it’s crucial to follow safe and responsible methods.

1. Indirect Elixir Preparation: To create an Aquamarine elixir, use the indirect method to avoid direct contact between the crystal and the water. Place the Aquamarine in a glass container and then place that container in a bowl of water. Allow the energy of the crystal to subtly infuse the water without direct contact.

2. Charging with Intentions: While the elixir is being prepared, focus on the intentions you wish to infuse into the water. This could include intentions for emotional healing, clarity, or enhanced communication. The charged water can then be consumed or used in various rituals.

3. Safety Considerations: It’s crucial to note that not all crystals are suitable for creating gemstone elixirs, as some may contain minerals that are toxic or water-soluble. Research the specific properties of each crystal before using it in elixir preparation.

Enhancing Aqua Dynamics: Aquamarine and Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy, the therapeutic use of water, has been employed for centuries to promote physical and emotional well-being. Aquamarine’s presence in water-related practices can enhance the benefits of hydrotherapy, creating a harmonious and energetically charged environment.

1. Crystal-Infused Baths: Adding Aquamarine to a bath can turn a regular soak into a spiritually rejuvenating experience. As you immerse yourself in the water, visualize the calming energy of Aquamarine enveloping you, promoting relaxation and emotional release.

2. Aquamarine Meditation by Water: Performing meditation or mindfulness practices near bodies of water while holding or placing Aquamarine can deepen the connection with the crystal’s energies. The rhythmic sounds and visual beauty of water enhance the overall spiritual experience.

3. Aquatic Rituals: Incorporate Aquamarine into water-based rituals, whether by the ocean, a river, or a lake. The natural synergy between Aquamarine and water can amplify the intentions of the ritual, whether they involve emotional healing, clarity, or spiritual connection.

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Conclusion: Navigating the Waters of Spiritual Connection with Aquamarine

In conclusion, the question of whether Aquamarine crystals can go in water opens the door to a deeper exploration of the crystal’s mystical properties and its innate connection to the element of water. As a gem that embodies the essence of tranquility, emotional healing, and clear communication, Aquamarine invites individuals to harness its energies intentionally and responsibly.

Whether cleansing, infusing with intentions, or incorporating Aquamarine into water-related practices, the key lies in approaching the crystal with respect and mindfulness. By aligning with the fluid and transformative qualities of water, Aquamarine becomes a reliable ally on the spiritual journey, guiding individuals towards emotional balance, clarity, and a deeper connection with the elemental forces that shape our existence. Embrace the enchanting world of Aquamarine, and let its crystalline energies flow seamlessly with the waters of your spiritual exploration.


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