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Le Vian Unveils Exclusive Mare Azzurro Collection in Collaboration with Jared

by Madonna

New York, NY – November 9, 2023 – Le Vian, the preeminent luxury jewelry brand globally, has joined forces with Jared, a leader in both accessible and premium luxury under Signet Jewelers, to introduce a distinctive collection of blue gemstones inspired by the Mediterranean Sea. Launched as the Mare Azzurro™ collection, this exclusive line reflects Le Vian’s commitment to innovation and creativity, capturing the ever-changing hues of seawater from sunrise to sunset.

Available exclusively at Jared from November 9, 2023, the Mare Azzurro collection showcases a range of prices, from $1,750 to $17,000, with high jewelry one-of-a-kind pieces priced up to $500,000. The collection features Le Vian’s signature Trillion cut, tri-chroic Blueberry Tanzanite®, Round Brilliant cut Blueberry Zircon™, Portuguese Checkerboard Oval cut Deep Sea Blue Topaz™, and Tear Drop cuts of Sea Blue Aquamarine®, all elegantly set in Le Vian’s renowned Vanilla Gold®.


Furthermore, the collection offers opulent variations of the Mare Azzurro pieces at High Jewelry & Gem Galas hosted by Jared. These exclusive events will unveil one-of-a-kind designs, showcasing Le Vian’s unicorn gems and diamonds set into meticulously handcrafted Platinum and 18k gold creations. Unicorn blue gems include Peacock Aquaprase™, the newest gem on earth, Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire™, and Ocean Blue Topaz™.


Claudia Cividino, President of Jared, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “At Jared, we continue to invest in our fashion and high jewelry offering with new, exquisite collection launches such as Mare Azzurro. As we introduce this collection to our customers, this enhanced collaboration solidifies Jared’s position as a leader in accessible luxury for the holiday season, showcasing the outstanding innovation and creativity of the Le Vian brand.”


Le Vian, the world’s largest seller of Tanzanite, prides itself on importing more than half of the world’s production of this rare gemstone into the U.S. Le Vian’s exclusive Trillion cut enhances the tri-chroic nature of Tanzanite, showcasing its color-changing properties. The Mare Azzurro Collection also highlights other renowned blue gemstones like Blueberry Zircon, Deep Sea Blue Topaz, and Sea Blue Aquamarine, each with its unique charm and allure.

Eddie LeVian, CEO of Le Vian, expressed pride in the Mare Azzurro Collection, saying, “We are proud to present our new Mare Azzurro Collection inspired by our post-pandemic desire to escape the travails of this decade by traveling to the most remote and idyllic calming blue seas. We wanted to capture that in our original jewelry designs, using our exclusive fantasy cuts and rare blue gemstones that fit together like the shimmering glimmers of the water. To celebrate the launch of the Le Vian Mare Azzurro Collection, we embarked to be genuine and conduct the adventurous and challenging photoshoot for the multi-media campaign.”

About Le Vian

Le Vian, a family-owned jewelry company headquartered in New York, traces its roots to jewelers in the 15th century and is a preferred choice worn by Hollywood celebrities today. At the forefront of creating exquisite natural fancy color diamond jewels, Le Vian offers a kaleidoscope of colors, including pink, yellow, and the exclusive Chocolate Diamonds®, which have garnered over 5 million collectors in the last 20 years. Le Vian is the fashion couture fine jeweler of choice, merging glamorous high-style fashion trend forecasting with hand-made fine jewelry designs incorporating rare, precious diamonds, and gemstones.


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