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The T&C Jewelry Wardrobe: Celebrating the Chain Link Bracelet

by Madonna

When the words “gold link bracelet” are mentioned, an image often comes to mind—the iconic photograph by Cecil Beaton of Greta Garbo working in her garden. Garbo is dressed for the task at hand, except for the bold Verdura bracelet adorning her wrist. The shimmering gold from her bracelet not only testifies to Garbo’s eternal glamour but also to the timeless allure of the seemingly simple jewelry design—the chain link bracelet. Much like the now-iconic Aldo Cipullo nail bracelet and the Cartier Love bracelet inspired by a screwdriver, the chain link bracelet represents an ingenious elevation of the everyday.

From ancient Mesopotamia to the Renaissance, the instinct to adorn oneself with jewelry, including proto-chain links, has been a part of human culture. Over time, the style and craftsmanship of chain links became more sophisticated. When you stroll through a portrait gallery, take note of the number of chain link necklaces adorning the sitters, emphasizing their significance. Renowned artist Rembrandt, who kept a chest of costumes for his subjects, had an array of exquisite jewels tucked away, often selecting a chain link necklace to accentuate the importance of the individual in his portraits.


The chain link bracelet conveys more than just status; it possesses a different kind of allure. Its decadent utilitarianism, with simple links crafted from precious metals, presents an irresistible blend of subtlety and strength. This quality has made it an essential component of jewelry collections and wrist stacks. There’s a sense of purpose and sophistication in the chain link design, making it an ideal choice even when tending to the garden.


In Theory

Tip 1: Learn the Language


The chain link bracelet draws inspiration from its straightforward name, and it has remained a constant in jewelry design. As goldsmithing advanced during the Renaissance, so did the intricacy and artistry of the chain link.

Tip 2: Identify Your Idols

Icons like Diane von Furstenberg’s oversized H. Stern chain link bracelet have left a lasting impression and continue to be a popular choice. They graced the runway in Gucci’s spring 2023 collection, proving the style’s enduring appeal.

Tip 3: Exercise Grand Gestures

Make a statement as you enter a room. Wear your chain link bracelet alongside other wristwear, allowing the delightful clinking of bracelets to express your unique style.


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