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Pink Diamond Shines at Phillips’ Inaugural Geneva Jewelry Auction

by Madonna

In a sparkling debut, Phillips auctioned off a stunning pink diamond ring for CHF 11.9 million ($13.2 million) at its inaugural Geneva jewelry auction. This magnificent jewel took center stage among the 110 lots presented at the event.

The star of the show was a cut-cornered rectangular modified brilliant-cut pink diamond, boasting an impressive weight of 20.19 carats, with a vivid fancy-intense-pink hue and VVS1 clarity. Remarkably, this exceptional gem was the fourth-largest of its kind ever to grace an auction. The final hammer price fell well within the pre-sale estimate range of CHF 10 million to CHF 15 million ($11.1 million to $16.7 million).


Phillips announced its plans to hold annual jewelry auctions in the Swiss city of Geneva back in July, capitalizing on the category’s strong global sales.


Among the other top performers at this extraordinary auction were:


1. A round-cornered rectangular modified brilliant-cut yellow diamond ring, weighing a substantial 54.27 carats and radiating a fancy-intense-yellow color. It achieved a remarkable price of CHF 1.3 million ($1.5 million), fitting within its anticipated price range.

2. A magnificent ring crafted by designer Fred featuring an oval diamond, boasting a weight of 15.60 carats, a D-color grade, and VS2 clarity. It surpassed expectations, selling for CHF 889,000 ($988,561), surpassing its high estimate of CHF 720,000 ($800,634).

3. A pair of exquisite Sterlé ear clips dating back to the 1960s, which fetched CHF 482,600 ($536,542). These ear clips, each adorned with a drop-shaped natural pearl weighing 23.84 carats and 22.88 carats, respectively, featured brilliant-cut diamond accents and dangled from a marquise- and baguette-diamond surmount.

4. Earrings by renowned jeweler Bulgari, which showcased two sugarloaf cabochon Burmese sapphires weighing 17.74 and 16.66 carats, adorned with calibré-cut rubies and baguette diamonds. These striking pieces realized a price of CHF 444,500 ($494,335), comfortably falling within their pre-sale estimate.

The success of this auction underscores the enduring allure and robust demand for exquisite jewelry pieces, with Phillips making a resounding entrance into the Geneva jewelry market.


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