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Fura Gems and China Stone Forge Global Partnership for Mozambican Rubies

by Madonna

Dubai, UAE – In a landmark collaboration, Fura Gems, the prominent global gemstone mining company, and China Stone, a leading supplier of precision-cut and polished gemstones for the Watch and Jewelry Industry, have come together to ensure a dependable source of ethically mined gemstones. This partnership stands to revolutionize the gemstone industry, providing better production planning and forecasting for watchmakers, jewelry manufacturers, and retailers worldwide.

Here are the key highlights of this significant collaboration:


1. Fura Gems will grant China Stone access to a curated selection of premium rough rubies, with sizes ranging from 0.25 carats to 0.75 carats.


2 .China Stone secures a guaranteed allocation of these rough rubies for an initial period of three years.


3. These gemstones will come with a “Proof of Mine Origin” certification, signifying their ethical sourcing from Fura’s Montepuez location in Mozambique.

4. The partnership ensures full traceability from “Mine to Market,” enabling China Stone to offer a comprehensive Chain of Custody to its clients.

5. Both Fura Gems and China Stone will collaborate on marketing initiatives and materials to support the trade, bolster consumer confidence, and drive demand for these exceptional gemstones.

6. Fura Gems recently achieved registration as a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), underlining its commitment to responsible and ethical practices in the industry.

Fura Gems’ Montepuez mine in Mozambique has gained international recognition for its discovery of the remarkable Estrela de FURA ruby, an emblem of Fura’s dedication to excellence and ethical standards. Through active engagement with local communities, environmental conservation efforts, and responsible mining practices, Fura Gems has been a driving force in promoting ethical and sustainable gemstone production.

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in Fura Gems’ mission to establish a transparent and traceable gemstone supply chain. By providing China Stone with exclusive access to these high-quality Mozambican rubies, Fura Gems is making a resounding commitment to instill trust and reliability within the industry.

Dev Shetty, founder and CEO of Fura Gems, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “We are thrilled to announce this groundbreaking collaboration with China Stone, a first of its kind in the colored gemstone mining industry. This partnership addresses the longstanding demand for a consistent and ethically sourced supply of colored gemstones in the gems and jewelry sector. Similar to the diamond industry, the assurance of a reliable supply of colored gemstones will significantly boost demand from brands, major retailers, and manufacturers. We take immense pride in sharing our exceptional rubies with the world through this alliance.”

Mr. Li, CEO of China Stone, also expressed his excitement, stating, “Partnering with Fura Gems, a company deeply committed to ethical mining and quality, aligns perfectly with China Stone’s values. We are honored to collaborate with Fura and showcase their outstanding rubies, confident that these gemstones will captivate our customers worldwide. The consistent supply of colored gemstones has been a significant challenge, and we believe this collaboration will not only eliminate this challenge but also assist our clients in planning their production well in advance to meet the demand. Additionally, we will utilize Fura’s colored gemstone training module to raise awareness among our staff and clients.”


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