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Cricket Jones: Crafting Smiles with Handmade Jewelry

by Madonna

For 14 years, Cricket Jones has been crafting her own jewelry, from handmade spoon rings to earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. She has also ventured into selling her own poetry in the form of mugs and T-shirts. Cricket’s creative journey has been guided by her passion and love for her craft. Her father’s advice to “find what you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life” has been her guiding principle.

Cricket’s artistic journey began with poetry, which she has been writing since the fourth grade. She also explored photography, selling her first picture to a local newspaper at the age of 16, marking the start of her professional journey.


While studying at Ohio University, she initially pursued photography but later switched to journalism and ultimately found her passion in creative writing. After graduation, she was faced with uncertainty about her career path.


Cricket’s original plan was to write and sell her poetry, but she realized that it was not a well-established path at the time. She embarked on various creative endeavors and started around 30 small businesses over the years.


In 2009, Cricket co-founded Court Street Coffee in Athens, where she began selling an array of items, including terrariums, decorated picture frames, clothing, and albums. Her entry into the world of jewelry began when she decided to restock her inventory with wire-wrapped rings. However, she was disappointed with the quality of the rings she received, prompting her to create her own, which she showcased the next day.

This pivotal moment led Cricket to discover her true calling, and over the next 14 years, her confidence in her decision grew stronger. Today, she operates her own website,, and participates in local events through the Athens Art Guild, such as weekly farmers markets, Dairy Barn events, and Athens’ annual Holiday Shoppe.

Cricket describes her jewelry as “re-enlightened.” She believes that everything has a little light, and by taking something that is lifeless or neutral and making it lively again, she practices what she calls “re-enlightening.”

While discussing her work and life, Cricket emphasizes that she makes everything on her own, and her measure of success is not monetary but rather the number of smiles she brings. She views her jewelry sales as creating “smiles” and aims to make about 20 smiles for a big show.

Beyond her craft, Cricket’s main purpose is to spread love and acceptance. She believes in “Universal love” and its power to bring happiness. Cricket’s priority is to inspire love and self-acceptance in others, and she aims to share the message of happiness and self-love with everyone she encounters.

In January, Cricket plans to rent a space in New Orleans to sell her jewelry and immerse herself in the city’s creative culture. Until then, you can find her at the Athens farmers markets every Wednesday and Saturday, as well as the Holiday Shoppe on December 16 and 17. Cricket’s jewelry typically ranges from $40 to $50, and you can always explore and purchase her creations on her Instagram.


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