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Bucherer Announces Exclusive Jewelry Partnership with Online Retailer Mytheresa

by Madonna

In the realm of luxury retail, Bucherer is a name that has been making headlines lately, primarily due to its imminent acquisition by Rolex. The renowned luxury retailer has been undertaking ambitious endeavors, notably its partnership with Sotheby’s auction house, which has birthed a dedicated 1,700-square-foot space within Bucherer’s Zurich flagship store. This unique space combines elements of traditional luxury retail, the allure of an auction experience, and the ambiance of a social gathering spot.

Furthermore, Bucherer is in the midst of a significant expansion in the United States, marked by the reopening of the country’s largest watch store, signaling the brand’s commitment to providing an exceptional shopping experience for watch enthusiasts.


Bucherer’s foray into the world of fine jewelry is noteworthy. The jewelry pieces are meticulously crafted at Bucherer’s in-house atelier located in Lucerne. The brand is celebrated for its elegant and refined jewelry designs, often featuring polished white and rose gold, sculpted with graceful curves and delicate floral motifs. These exquisite pieces frequently incorporate numerous diamonds and a spectrum of colored gems, including amethysts, sapphires, aquamarines, and lapis lazuli.


The Mytheresa selection of Bucherer jewelry boasts pieces from three distinct collections:


1. Bucherer Fine Jewellery Pastello Collection:

This collection showcases classic designs set in rose gold and white gold, adorned with pastel-colored sapphires and spinels. Each piece is a testament to the beauty of nature.

2. Bucherer Fine Jewellery Peekaboo Collection:

The Peekaboo collection presents contemporary designs accented with delicate-colored gemstones such as morganite, aquamarine, amethyst, golden beryl, peridot, and prasiolite. These gemstones are cut in a unique emerald cut to optimize their proportions, creating a modern and sophisticated appearance. The pieces are designed for stacking.

3. Bucherer Fine Jewellery Rock Diamonds Collection:

Crafted in white or yellow gold, the Rock Diamonds collection takes a modern approach to diamond jewelry. It is characterized by trapezoid cut diamonds and combines diamonds and set elements that interact, overlap, or align alongside each other, playing with ideas of symmetry and asymmetry.

Patrick Graf, Bucherer’s Chief Commercial Officer, expressed his pride in this evolving partnership with Mytheresa. He stated, “Customers can now discover some of our most iconic collections on a global scale, within a breathtaking assortment of high-end fashion and design, to complement their looks.”

Mytheresa’s CEO, Michael Kliger, echoed the sentiment, noting that the addition of Bucherer Fine Jewellery perfectly complements Mytheresa’s offerings for luxury clients around the world. It’s worth noting that this collaboration marks Bucherer’s first foray into online jewelry retail, following a successful earlier partnership between Bucherer and Mytheresa, which focused on Bucherer certified pre-owned luxury watches from over 25 prominent watch brands.


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