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CLÉ, the Saudi Luxury Jewelry and Watches Platform, Ventures into Brick-and-Mortar

by Madonna

DUBAI: Yasmine Alshathry, the Saudi entrepreneur behind the e-commerce platform CLÉ specializing in fine jewelry and watches, is poised to open her first brick-and-mortar store at VIA Riyadh on October 7.

In a recent interview with Arab News, Alshathry reflected on her journey with CLÉ, tracing its roots back to her childhood when she was enamored by the elegance of mechanical watches. Her interest deepened as she began conversations with her father about his own watch collection.


Her immersion in the world of luxury watches continued during her time in London, where she explored modern and vintage boutiques. In 2013, she established CLÉ Concierge, a bespoke service designed to connect watch collectors with brands. This endeavor eventually evolved into an innovative platform centered on localization, brand storytelling, and luxury customer service.


The decision to open a physical store came as a response to shifting consumer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alshathry noticed a yearning for physical experiences and human interactions, particularly in the realm of luxury jewelry and watches. Saudi consumers, while tech-savvy, still harbored reservations about online purchases in this category.


Alshathry’s aim is to offer a rewarding experience to CLÉ’s clientele by educating the market, building relationships, and increasing visibility. VIA Riyadh, a luxurious development aligning with CLÉ’s values, approached her for a partnership, recognizing the unique offerings of her brand.

The grand opening of the CLÉ store at VIA Riyadh is scheduled for October 7. Alshathry promises a launch event that embodies the brand’s daring, different, and bold spirit, with engaging activities to captivate attendees.

Looking ahead, Alshathry envisions expanding CLÉ’s presence with different store concepts. Each location, whether in Saudi Arabia or the Gulf, will introduce fresh elements to maintain a dynamic and evolving brand identity.


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