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How Samantha Knight Lets Intuition Guide Her Jewelry Journey

by Madonna

Samantha Knight, a fine jewelry designer and collector known for her exuberant spirit and love of celebration, is that friend who insists on opening a bottle of champagne immediately upon arriving at a party. In her eyes, there’s no better time to spoil oneself than when indulging in the world of jewelry.

“I’m extra,” Knight admits with a hearty laugh.


For Knight, the act of self-pampering finds its most fitting expression in jewelry. As a self-trained designer, she relies on her intuition and life experiences to determine the aesthetics of a necklace stack or to discern the perfect piece for a long-standing client.


Although Knight’s Los Angeles-based jewelry company is less than a decade old, her journey through various ventures—from owning a coffee shop to managing a home furnishings business to running a yarn store—has honed her ability to trust her instincts.


Her entrepreneurial journey began with a coffee shop in Beverly Hills, where she crafted an upscale ambiance, setting the tone for her subsequent endeavors. Knight then ventured into the world of furniture, taking over ownership of a company after management changes and successfully running it from 1998 to 2002.

Expanding her horizons, she introduced interior design services, eventually crystallizing her design philosophy—”livable luxury”—which she continues to uphold today. This philosophy underscores her belief that luxury doesn’t necessarily equate to exorbitant prices; it’s about surrounding oneself with what brings joy. Knight asserts, “You should have what you like. If you want a multitude of pillows, go ahead and have them! People often think they can’t enjoy nice things because they have young children, but I say, ‘Yes, you can.'”

While her interior design business flourished, Knight simplified her life by parting ways with her two retail stores. She remained active in interior design until 2006, concurrently exploring knitting as a hobby, which she shared with her artistically inclined daughter.

However, her innate passion for retail eventually lured her back. In 2006, Knight opened her own knitting shop, a venture that spanned a decade until 2016.

Knight’s involvement with a friend’s fashion line marked a turning point. She began sourcing jewelry for the brand, harnessing her profound love for fine jewelry and her extensive collection of antique and vintage pieces. As her engagement with jewelry deepened, Knight realized it was time to commit fully.

“I knew if I took that path, I had to do it independently,” Knight reflects. “That’s when I established Samantha Knight Jewelry. Unlike my previous businesses, I had never put my name on them. I knew this venture had to be personal, and attaching my name to it held me accountable. Everything you see in my jewelry is a reflection of me, and what you see is exactly what you get.”

Knight offers a blend of her own designs alongside jewelry from other creators, offering clients the opportunity to craft unique, one-of-a-kind looks. She sources pieces from various eras, from Victorian elegance to disco-era exuberance to contemporary sophistication. Her personal preference leans towards the 1970s era for jewelry.

Drawing inspiration from her four children, aged 17 to 29, Knight occasionally incorporates their ideas into her jewelry designs. During the pandemic, they bonded over plastic beading kits, which inspired Knight’s creation of Stepping Stones bracelets—reminiscent of friendship or charm bracelets.

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, the Stepping Stones feature 14k yellow gold beads adorned with enamel initials and symbols. For those who seek a touch of extravagance, Knight, true to her “extra” nature, gladly incorporates gemstones into the mix.

Knight’s guiding principle is that if someone invests in her jewelry, it must be authentic and timeless. What holds significance for her now should carry the same resonance for her children—or for the next generation that inherits her creations. As Knight aptly puts it, “If you’re going to spend your money on my jewelry, it has to be authentic and something timeless. If it means something to me now, it has to also mean something to my kids—or your kids when they have it.”


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