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HATTON LABS Unveils Elaborate FW23 Jewelry Collection

by Madonna

London-based jeweler HATTON LABS has unveiled its Fall/Winter 2023 men’s accessories collection, featuring an extensive range of opulent and ornate creations.

The brand drew inspiration from a plethora of classic and ornate female jewelry motifs, including old British monarchs, Jacqueline Kennedy, and the mysterious Madame Bijoux, a figure known for her exquisite style in the Parisian bars of the 1930s. This collection embodies HATTON LABS’ new motto of “more is more.”


The collection includes a diverse array of tennis bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, pearls, belts, and accessories. Highlights include the Daisy Bijou Belt adorned with crystallized petals, the Crown Stud Earrings featuring a central blue jewel, and the Baguette Ring with its distinctive rectangular metal shape. Additionally, the Bijou Pearl Bracelet showcases two connected strings of pearls, while the Cross Pendant adds a sparkling touch to the iconic motif around the neck, among other exquisite designs.


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