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Zales and Rocksbox Collaboration Introduces Men’s Fine Jewelry to Rental Service

by Madonna

In a collaborative venture, Zales and Rocksbox, both under the Signet Jewelers umbrella, have expanded their fine jewelry rental service to include a men’s collection. The Zales x Rocksbox Fine Jewelry Rental service, which initially launched earlier this year, introduced its pilot program in September, initially rolling out to 28 locations and later expanding to additional stores.

The newly added men’s offerings encompass diamond chain necklaces and Cuban bracelets, complementing the existing array of jewelry options. Additionally, 10-karat yellow gold pieces have been introduced, featuring styles tailored for both men and women.


With a total of 54 jewels now available, an increase from the initial 36 options at launch, the collection spans necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and jewelry sets. Crafted in 10-karat white and yellow gold and adorned with lab-grown diamonds, the expanded offerings provide a diverse selection for customers.


The rental program allows customers to lease the jewelry for a period of 14 days at a reduced fee of 5 percent of the retail price, down from the original 10 percent fee. Rentals start at $50, catering to a wider audience and making fine jewelry rental more accessible nationwide.


Gina Gorman, Vice President of Marketing at Rocksbox, highlighted the significance of these adjustments, stating, “The adjustment of the rental fee, plus adding online rental capabilities, makes fine jewelry rental more accessible for customers nationwide. We hope all customers love this new way to engage with Zales and Rocksbox.”

Furthermore, for customers who decide to make a purchase, the rental fee can be applied towards the overall purchase price, offering an incentive for those looking to seamlessly transition from renting to owning these exquisite pieces. This collaborative effort reflects a commitment to enhancing accessibility and engagement with fine jewelry, catering to evolving consumer preferences.


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