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Counterfeit Jewelry Scam Unveiled in Simcoe: Alleged Fraudster Targets Residents with Fake Gold

by Madonna

Simcoe residents fell victim to an alleged counterfeit jewelry scam, highlighting the deceptive tactics employed by a suspected fraudster in the area. On Tuesday around 4 p.m., a heavy-set man with a thick accent approached a resident of West Street, claiming to have lost his wallet and urgently needing cash to get home.

When the resident declined to provide cash assistance, the alleged fraudster proposed an alternative—offering to trade a chain and a ring that he asserted were made of gold and held a value far exceeding the requested cash. OPP Const. Andrew Gamble explained in a media release that the suspect “assured them of a substantial return on the investment if they opted to sell the jewelry later.”


With the promise of a lucrative return, the resident agreed to the trade, and the alleged fraudster departed with the cash. However, upon attempting to appraise the jewelry at a local store, the resident discovered that the items were, in fact, fake.


An employee at the jewelry store revealed that the duped resident was not alone, noting that others had recently brought in similar items for sale, only to realize they had fallen victim to the same swindling scheme.


Following the transaction, the suspect reportedly left the area in a grey Audi SUV. The incident serves as a cautionary reminder for residents to exercise vigilance when approached with unsolicited offers, particularly those involving high-value items. Authorities are urging anyone with information related to the incident to come forward and assist in the investigation.


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