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Finematter Secures €2.6 Million in Funding to Boost Sustainability in the Jewelry Industry

by Madonna

Jewelry marketplace Finematter has announced the successful second closing of its Seed round, bringing the total raised to €2.6 million. Founded in 2021 in London, Finematter is an online marketplace that connects customers with over 150 independent jewelers. The platform enables customers to order, repair, remodel, and recycle real jewelry, allowing them to collaborate with vetted, skilled jewelers.

One of the core principles of Finematter’s work is a commitment to circularity in the jewelry industry. All jewelry transacted through the platform comes with a digital certificate documenting the full life cycle of the piece, enabling circularity and promoting sustainable practices.


The jewelry industry is particularly ripe for sustainability efforts, as gold, a primary material in jewelry production, is infinitely recyclable without any loss of quality. However, less than one-third of the global gold supply is currently recycled.


Finematter aims to transform this narrative and advocate for a sustainable approach to jewelry consumption and production. The recent funding injection will allow the platform to further develop its services, expand its network of jewelers, and make a lasting impact on the circularity of the jewelry space.


Caroline Chalmer, founder and CEO of Finematter, expressed her excitement and gratitude for the support from an impressive group of investors who share the company’s vision. She believes that Finematter has a unique opportunity to become a category-defining company that can make a difference for independent creatives in the jewelry industry and serve as a blueprint for a truly circular business model.

The Seed round received contributions from various angel investors, including tech founders and industry veterans who believe in Finematter’s mission to promote circularity and transparency in the jewelry market. Among the investors are Heini Zachariassen (Vivino), Christine de Wendel (Zalando/Sunday), Jeppe Rindom (Pleo), Dino Patti (Playdead/Jumpship), Peder Micheal Pruzan-Jørgensen (Pandora’s Sustainability board), and participation from existing shareholder Heartcore Capital. Importantly, 46 percent of the investors in this round are female, further emphasizing the commitment to diversity and sustainability in the jewelry industry.


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