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The Natural Gem to Tokenize €5M Gemstone Collection on eCredits Blockchain

by Madonna

The People’s SCE, a decentralized organization driving applications on the eCredits Blockchain, has made a groundbreaking announcement. The renowned leader in the gemstone trading market, The Natural Gem, will be tokenizing its €5 million Royal Portfolio using the eCredits blockchain. This initiative will introduce the Habsburg Gemstone Token, a product developed in collaboration with Habsburg Fine Arts, which is 100% backed by authentic, untreated, and colored gemstones, to the eCredits Wallet.

Expressing his enthusiasm, HIRH Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen, Director of Habsburg Fine Arts, stated, “By merging the world’s oldest tangible asset with one of the most modern investment instruments, we bring the gemstone onto the blockchain and into the 21st century, thus creating portfolio diversification with assured, continuous transparency, and flexibility.”


The Natural Gem’s Royal Portfolio boasts an impressive collection, including emerald necklaces valued at €274,000, ruby necklaces at €815,000, and a rare Kashmir sapphire valued at €1 million, alongside various other precious gemstones. This unique investment opportunity is elegantly straightforward, as it allows investment in the Royal Portfolio via the Habsburg Gemstone Token on the blockchain.


The Royal Portfolio is subject to periodic revaluation by court experts. As its value appreciates, the sale price in EUR increases while the Habsburg Gemstone Token (GEM) price remains constant, resulting in a steady rise in the intrinsic value of GEM. Interested investors can acquire the token through the Habsburg Fine Arts trading platform or the eCredits Wallet, offering multiple avenues for investment.


Investing in gemstones carries a plethora of advantages proven over millennia. Gemstones are compact, easily transportable, and represent a high concentration of value. They possess a longstanding track record as a dependable asset, and their aesthetic appeal makes them suitable for passing down through generations. Furthermore, they consistently appreciate in value due to high demand, diminishing mine yields, and active auction participation.

Bernhard Blaha, CEO of The People’s SCE, emphasized, “We are delighted to partner with The Natural Gem to extend this lucrative investment opportunity to a broader audience. Through the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology and the eCredits Ecosystem, we are dedicated to democratizing gemstone investments, making this prosperous market accessible to all investors, regardless of their financial status. This project underscores blockchain’s role as a great equalizer for individuals from all walks of life.”

This pioneering project is made possible through the collaboration of eCredits and SimplyTokenized, a software company specializing in custom tokenization solutions. Simply Tokenized simplifies the token creation process, provides technical support for smart contract implementation on the blockchain, and assists companies in attracting investors.

About eCredits and The People’s SCE

eCredits is a decentralized, blockchain-based ecosystem that empowers local businesses and democratizes finance. Designed as “the people’s currency for daily use,” eCredits allows consumers and merchants to make everyday purchases using the ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency, eCredits (ECS).

The People’s SCE is a decentralized governing organization (DGO) that fuels applications built on the eCredits Blockchain. The People’s SCE empowers SMEs and consumers to participate in decision-making and shape its future. Its governance model is fully decentralized, adhering to the principle of “one member, one vote,” making it a fully democratic organization owned and operated by its members.


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