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Bergdorf Goodman Welcomes Indie Jewelry Brand “Type” to Its Lineup

by Madonna

New York, NY – The discerning clientele that frequents Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue has recently observed a notable addition to the prestigious department store’s jewelry floor. Amidst the opulent surroundings of this iconic establishment, a growing number of independent jewelry designers have found a home. Their creations not only meet the exacting standards of quality but also cater to the evolving tastes of high-net-worth shoppers who seek something beyond the realm of traditional, diamond-laden elegance.

Among these standout newcomers is Type, a Panamanian jewelry brand launched just prior to the onset of the pandemic. It’s the brainchild of designer Sara Bassan, who transitioned from a career in marketing to focus her talents on the world of fine jewelry. Currently on the cusp of completing her gemologist certification through the Gemological Institute of America, Bassan describes herself as a “fashionista at heart.”


A cursory exploration of Type’s collections readily reveals Bassan’s distinct aesthetic, characterized by a fusion of reimagined classics and lively, youthful color combinations. Yet, what compelled her to venture into jewelry design was her dissatisfaction with the prevailing offerings in the market, which she found lacking in soul and personal appeal.


Type, in many ways, serves as the crystallization of Bassan’s tastes, preferences, and cultural influences. She credits her husband, who employs his architectural drawing skills, for helping to translate her conceptual ideas into tangible designs.


Bassan’s Panamanian heritage leaves an indelible mark on her creations, evident in her best-selling stack rings, which seamlessly combine four rings into a single piece. Additionally, her Puffer collection features plump initials adorned with diamonds, while her statement ear climbers dazzle with emeralds, emerald-cut white sapphires, and gleaming rope-textured gold.

“Panama is a melting pot of cultures renowned for its global connections,” Bassan explains. “Incorporating this multicultural diversity, you’ll find me experimenting by melding unconventional shapes with classical forms or juxtaposing different eras in design, all the while using color to accentuate these forms.”

She adds, “Yet, perhaps even more than the Central American influence, it’s my Latin essence—heat, sun, attitude—that permeates my designs, celebrating form, volume, movement, and, above all, color.”

A hallmark of the Type brand that has endeared itself to customers at Bergdorf Goodman and beyond is the Type stack—a curated assemblage of four bands designed to be worn as a single ring, which can be personalized with initials, names, and a selection of gemstones.

The L’Ego collection, inspired by Lego blocks, has also found resonance with customers, likely because of the current penchant for playful jewels with a touch of nostalgia. According to Bassan, the appeal lies in “my infusion of color and the shapes inherent in the stones I use, creating a captivating interplay between boldness and softness.”

Color palettes within the L’Ego collection range from ombré gradients to a confetti-like assortment of diverse hues. As Bassan remarks, “We’ve crafted our own interpretations of color contrasts, eschewing conventional rainbows for our distinctive renditions.”


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