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Orange County’s Best Jeweler/Jewelry Store for 2023

by Madonna

Orange County, CA – The bustling jewelry scene of Orange County, California, has once again shone a spotlight on its finest establishments, with Happy Jewelers earning the coveted title of “Best Jeweler/Jewelry Store” in the region for 2023. Here’s a closer look at the top three contenders who exemplify the pinnacle of jewelry craftsmanship and customer service:

1. Happy Jewelers: Crafting Dreams into Reality

Founded by Isa Arik in 1973, Happy Jewelers has flourished from its humble beginnings into a multi-generational family legacy. Isa, born to a farming family, harbored an innate talent for design and a fervent passion for creating exquisite jewelry. His journey led him to the United States in 1993, where he embarked on the pursuit of the American Dream alongside his wife and four children.


Today, Happy Jewelers is steered by the second generation, Gabe Arik and Danny Arik, who remain dedicated to upholding their father’s vision and commitment to excellence. The Arik family’s philosophy revolves around delivering top-notch quality and exceptional service, ensuring each piece of handcrafted jewelry is nothing short of perfection. Their extensive inventory encompasses a wide range of offerings, including rings, pendants, bracelets, wedding bands, and watches.


Happy Jewelers takes great pride in its meticulous selection of diamonds and sourcing of gemstones and precious metals from esteemed suppliers. With a solid foundation in the manufacturing, wholesale, and retail jewelry industry, the brand continues to innovate with unique and personalized designs while maintaining unwavering standards of business ethics, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.


Gabe Arik shares, “Happy Jewelers is as distinctive as its custom-crafted pieces, standing as a testament to our unwavering commitment to our customers.”

2. Jeweler’s Touch: A Family Tradition of Excellence

Established in 1992, Jeweler’s Touch is a cherished family-owned and operated jeweler serving the entirety of Southern California. Its reputation is built upon a foundation of exceptional product quality and unmatched customer care.

The store prides itself on nurturing enduring relationships with its patrons while offering an extensive collection of precious metals and dazzling gemstones. At Jeweler’s Touch, a dedicated team of professionals, including GIA graduate gemologists, accredited jewelry experts, certified diamontologists, and skilled goldsmiths, ensure the highest standards in custom-designed jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands, fine jewelry, and timepieces. GIA- and AGS-certified diamonds, jewelry appraisals, and prompt ring repairs are among the many services they provide.

The Jeweler’s Touch website aptly summarizes their ethos, stating, “Our guests are like family to us, and we invite you into a world of rare diamonds and gemstones.”

3. Mimi’s Jewelry: Where Clients Become Family

Mimi’s Jewelry, known for treating clients as family, is committed to providing personalized attention to every individual who walks through its doors. Owner David Truong emphasizes their dedication to ensuring each client’s unique needs are met, whether it’s a simple repair or the creation of a custom engagement ring.

Services at Mimi’s Jewelry encompass gold and jewelry sales, custom jewelry design, jewelry repair, watch repair, and appraisals. The online shop offers an array of rings and watches, and the store boasts a certified gemologist, master jeweler, and GIA specialist on staff. Utilizing cutting-edge technology in tandem with traditional techniques, they employ CAD CAM and pencil-paper sketches for design.

David Truong underscores their commitment to community and client satisfaction, saying, “We’re more than just a business; we genuinely care for the community we serve.”

As proud members of the Fountain Valley community, Mimi’s Jewelry takes pride in being an integral part of its clients’ lives, fostering a sense of belonging and trust that extends far beyond their showroom.

These three exceptional jewelry stores in Orange County exemplify the dedication, craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction that set them apart as the finest in the region. Their unwavering passion for creating exquisite pieces and building lasting relationships with their patrons is what makes them the best of the best in 2023.


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