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Embracing the ‘Baguette Halo’ Trend: A Touch of Art Deco for Your Engagement Ring

by Madonna

When it comes to choosing the engagement ring of your dreams, the options are as diverse as your own unique love story. From timeless classics to intricate, one-of-a-kind designs, every detail of your engagement ring reflects your personal style. In the realm of fashion-forward jewelry trends, specific styles occasionally emerge, each catering to a desire for distinctive pieces that resonate with individual personalities. The focus has shifted towards finding rings that align closely with the essence of your beloved, ushering in an era where traditional and conventional choices are no longer the sole norm. Increasingly, people are turning to unconventional gemstones and placements, steering away from the traditional diamond-centric approach.

In this current landscape of non-traditional engagement rings, the “baguette halo” design emerges as a star, captivating hearts with its intricate craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. The baguette halo consists of a central diamond or gemstone encircled by a delicate layer of tiny diamonds, further adorned by a second outer layer of elegantly tapered baguette-shaped diamonds. With two layers of diamonds framing the centerpiece, the primary gem takes center stage, enhanced by the sparkling accents surrounding it. In an ever-evolving world of trends, this art-deco-inspired ring exudes an air of vintage charm while maintaining a modern allure.


Sapphire Elegance in a Baguette Halo

Sapphire engagement rings have been a staple in the world of ring trends for some time. Following in the footsteps of Kate Middleton’s stunning sapphire engagement ring, many have been captivated by its regal allure. When paired with the baguette halo detailing, the sapphire gem truly comes into its own. Flanked by baguette diamond companions, the sapphire radiates with a brilliant contrast against the clear diamond stone.


Tapered Baguettes: A Focus on the Centerpiece

One of the most enchanting aspects of the baguette halo design is the tapered baguette diamonds encircling the central gem. While some prefer traditional rectangular diamonds, the tapered baguette shape directs the spotlight towards the heart of the ring. Acting as shimmering accomplices, these tapered diamonds create a visual path leading to your exquisite stone, ensuring that all eyes are on your precious gem. The tapered baguette effect is ideal for those who desire a touch of glamour while allowing their gem to take center stage.


The Timeless Allure of Art Deco

The baguette halo trend has experienced a resurgence, thanks in part to its captivating Art Deco design. As many seek engagement rings with vintage, timeless appeal, the Art Deco style stands out as the perfect choice for those desiring a unique piece that will remain eternally classic. The addition of gold metal bands or vintage gold accents further enhances the allure of this design, making your ring stand out and exude even more glamour.

Exploring Abstract Placements

While the typical baguette halo features diamond accents surrounding the central stone vertically, there are numerous innovative approaches to framing your main gem. Some have embraced the baguette halo trend by adorning the central rock with diamonds placed in abstract, unconventional positions, such as horizontally. This simple adjustment lends a modern touch and allows for a personalized, one-of-a-kind ring. Embrace the freedom to experiment with baguette diamond placements and create a unique masterpiece that speaks to your individuality.

A Burst of Color: Multi-Colored Gemstones

The impact of colored gemstones, such as sapphires, on engagement rings is well-known, but why stop there? Just as with your central gem, you can replace the outer baguette diamonds with vibrant, colorful gemstones that infuse new life into your ring. If you’re seeking a completely non-traditional ring, introducing a spectrum of colorful gemstones is a captivating way to inject vivacity into your cherished piece, ensuring it stands as a symbol of your unique love story.


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