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Anne Hathaway showcases Bvlgari Diva Dreams jewelry collection

by Madonna

Originally unveiled in 2016, Bulgari’s contemporary jewelry collection, Diva Dreams, has received a rejuvenating makeover, paying homage to the brand’s art deco influences and Roman legacy.

Brand ambassador Anne Hathaway, lensed by renowned photographer David Sims, elegantly models pieces from the collection in Bulgari’s latest captivating campaign.


From its inception in 2016, Bulgari’s Diva Dreams collection has undeniably secured its status as an enduring icon for the brand. This modern jewelry collection, inspired by strong and exceptional women, serves as a testament to Bulgari’s most distinct hallmarks – from masterful craftsmanship to vibrant color variations and design elements inspired by la dolce vita.


The collection’s latest additions remain true to its original feminine design and Roman inspiration, but they have been reimagined with a fresh perspective. Bulgari has taken the fan motif and crafted striking interpretations that resonate with the modern woman. These interpretations are accentuated by precious gemstones in Bulgari’s signature, lively color combinations, resulting in a joyful yet refined range.


A focal point of the collection is a contemporary necklace and earring set, fashioned from 18-karat rose gold and inspired by ancient floral decorative motifs commonly found in Mediterranean cultures. This timeless set pays homage to Bulgari’s art deco heritage creations of the 1920s, renowned for their breathtaking floral patterns. The pieces are adorned with mother-of-pearl petals juxtaposed against a backdrop of brilliant pavé diamonds and rubellites, creating an enchanting interplay of color, light, and texture.

The necklace, designed for versatility, can be worn in two lengths – elegantly clasped around the neck or draped gracefully across the décolleté. Its chain can be detached and worn separately as a delicate bracelet.

Additionally, the collection introduces three new necklace styles that exemplify the versatile charm of Bulgari’s signature motif, as well as the brand’s abundant creativity and masterful use of colored gemstones.

The fan motif, presented in a gracefully minimalist openwork design and adorned with pavé diamonds, takes on a modern and playful character. Each pendant is finished with a vibrant drop-shaped precious stone, making a bold fashion statement. Wearers can select from tanzanite, green tourmaline, or rubellite as the centerpiece of the pendant’s frame.

Slightly smaller in size than the existing version, this necklace encourages wearers to experiment with various shapes and imaginative styling techniques, allowing them to mix, match, and layer these jewelry pieces to suit their personal style.

To celebrate the collection’s launch, Bulgari has unveiled a striking new campaign featuring brand ambassador and Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway. In these images, captured by esteemed fashion photographer David Sims, Hathaway exudes a fresh energy and natural grace. She embarks on a captivating journey, exploring the endless possibilities found in everyday wonders, serving as a poignant reminder to the audience that life is an ongoing voyage of discovery.


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