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‘Permanent Jewelry’ Makes a Timeless Statement with a Changeable Twist

by Madonna

The allure of self-expression, individuality, and personal celebration drives the growing trend of “permanent jewelry,” offering a unique and evolving way to adorn oneself.

What initially began as a captivating social media phenomenon has rapidly transcended the digital realm, making its presence felt in everyday life. Permanent jewelry pop-ups are cropping up everywhere, from local spin studios and hair salons to farmers’ markets and traditional brick-and-mortar stores.


For those unacquainted with the concept, permanent jewelry is far less daunting than the name suggests. A chain is skillfully transformed into a bracelet, anklet, ring, or necklace with its ends seamlessly welded together, obviating the need for clasps. Notably, there’s no discomfort involved, unlike the process of getting a tattoo. Furthermore, the term “permanent” is somewhat misleading, as the chain can be readily cut if one desires a change.


Marisa Ellman, a 39-year-old small-business owner based in Boulder, Colorado, stumbled upon the world of permanent jewelry a few months ago through her older sister. The rendezvous took place at an unassuming garage near the University of Colorado, bearing a sign that read “Love Saro.”


Ellman shared her initial reaction: “My mom and I were like, ‘What are we doing here?’ but it was such a fun surprise.” As a devoted jewelry enthusiast, she typically removed her bracelets before engaging in physical activities. However, this time was different. After enjoying a glass of champagne and a psychic card reading, they were introduced to a captivating array of gold chains, each boasting unique designs and price points.

The trio left with delicate bracelets snugly adorning their wrists and cherished memories of the experience. For Ellman, the bracelet held extra significance, as it replaced one that bore her boys’ names, which she had recently lost.

“It’s a place where you can be you, where you can customize the jewelry to whatever vibe you are,” remarked Sacha Jarmon, operator of Love Saro.

Clients have the creative freedom to choose their jewelry, charms, or gemstones, and they can also opt to bring in heirlooms or even broken pieces for a transformative makeover.

Time-Honored Sentiments in Modern Form

Jewelry has long been a timeless medium for expressing sentiments, a tradition dating back millennia. Archaeological finds reveal skeletons adorned with jewelry, some constructed from gold and semiprecious stones. Early humans fashioned necklaces from shells and nuts strung together with plant fibers.

Fashion trends evolve over time, but history often repeats itself. Abby Lillethun, a professor specializing in fashion history and human culture at Montclair State University in New Jersey, points out that jewelry without clasps is not a novel concept, but it’s experiencing a resurgence. The current trend is about fostering a sense of belonging, establishing connections, commemorating milestones, and marking rites of passage. “It is differentiating from the past and a new way to mark a moment,” Lillethun explains.

A Balancing Act Between Uniqueness and Conformity

“We all have a drive for novelty, but we also want to be like those who you identify with or want to emulate,” observes Lillethun.

In Boston’s vibrant Seaport District, the Brave Daughters permanent-jewelry pop-up has become a bustling hub. Owner Erin Myles, equipped with a background in metal smithing and 18 years of experience in jewelry production, recognized the evolving trends in custom jewelry and embarked on her own venture.

For university student Adriana Ballas, 25, the allure of permanent jewelry lies in its blend of high quality and low maintenance. She has frequented the Brave Daughters pop-up, introducing friends and her boyfriend to the world of permanent adornments. Ballas notes the enduring appeal: “It will last as long as you want it to, and it’s kind of like a part of you. You just have it on all the time, and it’s just this pretty, sparkly thing.”


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