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[Revealed!] The Largest Gem Quality Aquamarine Ever Found

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Aquamarine, with its captivating blue hues reminiscent of the ocean’s beauty, has been revered for centuries as a symbol of tranquility and purity. Among the myriad of aquamarines discovered throughout history, a few stand out as exceptional, leaving enthusiasts and gem collectors in awe. In this article, we delve into the enthralling world of the largest gem quality aquamarine ever found—a breathtaking gemstone that holds both historical significance and immense beauty.

Defining Aquamarine: A Gem of Serenity

Aquamarine, a member of the beryl mineral family, derives its name from the Latin words “aqua marina,” meaning “water of the sea.” Its ethereal blue to blue-green colors evoke images of crystal-clear waters and have earned it a cherished place in the realm of gemstones. This gem is prized for its transparency, clarity, and vibrant hues, making it a highly sought-after choice for jewelry and precious artifacts.


The historical significance of aquamarine

The historical significance of aquamarine spans centuries and civilizations, leaving an indelible mark on human culture and beliefs. Revered for its serene blue hues reminiscent of the ocean, aquamarine has been associated with various symbolic meanings throughout history.


In ancient times, aquamarine was believed to be a talisman for sailors, offering protection and safe voyages across treacherous waters. It was also thought to possess the power to calm seas and ensure favorable weather conditions.


Across different cultures, aquamarine has been linked to themes of purification, harmony, and communication. It was considered a stone of tranquility, believed to soothe emotions and promote mental clarity.

The gem’s beauty and allure have made it a favored gemstone for jewelry among royalty and nobility throughout history. Aquamarine adorned crowns, tiaras, and royal regalia, symbolizing wealth, status, and grace.

Today, aquamarine continues to captivate gem enthusiasts and jewelry connoisseurs, embodying a timeless elegance that connects the past with the present.

What is the best grade of aquamarine?

AAA-grade stones are very similar in their quality to the GEM-grade stones, but their depth of color is slightly weaker. Both grades must show a high level of clarity (eye or loupe-clean). Statistically speaking, top-quality aquamarines (GEM to AAA) comprise only 10% of the material available on the market.

What is the largest gem quality aquamarine

The largest gem-quality aquamarine ever found is known as the “Dom Pedro Aquamarine.” It is an awe-inspiring gemstone with exceptional size and quality, which has captured the attention of gem enthusiasts worldwide.

The Dom Pedro Aquamarine was discovered in Minas Gerais, Brazil, in the late 1980s. It is an astonishingly large obelisk-shaped crystal weighing approximately 26 kilograms (57 pounds) and measures about 36 centimeters (14 inches) in height. What makes this gem truly remarkable is its intense clarity and mesmerizing blue-green color, characteristic of top-quality aquamarines.

The gem’s name, “Dom Pedro,” is derived from Brazil’s last emperor, Dom Pedro II, who reigned during the mid-19th century. The gemstone was named in his honor and recognition of its significance to Brazil’s rich gemological heritage.

The Dom Pedro Aquamarine is currently part of the collection at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. Its striking beauty and size make it one of the most celebrated aquamarines globally and a treasure that continues to captivate visitors at the museum.

Characteristics of the Largest Gem Quality Aquamarine

The largest gem quality aquamarine, like other exceptional gemstones, possesses a unique set of characteristics that set it apart as a true marvel of nature. Here are some defining features of the largest gem quality aquamarine:

1. Exceptional Size:

The defining feature of the largest gem quality aquamarine is, undoubtedly, its impressive size. This extraordinary gemstone typically boasts carat weights that surpass all others, setting it apart as a marvel of the mineral kingdom.

2. Intense Clarity:

A hallmark of gem quality aquamarines, including the giant specimen, is their remarkable clarity. These crystals are often devoid of inclusions, allowing light to pass through effortlessly, resulting in a luminous brilliance that captivates all who behold it.

3. Mesmerizing Color:

The gem quality aquamarine’s color is a sight to behold—a mesmerizing blend of serene blue and captivating green tones. The color of this exquisite stone is attributed to the presence of iron in its crystal structure, infusing it with the hues of the ocean’s depths.

4. Prized Origins:

The origins of the largest gem quality aquamarine can be traced to some of the world’s most renowned mining regions, where conditions were conducive to the formation of such exceptional gemstones. These locales have contributed to the gem’s prestige and allure.

Other Gem Quality Aquamarine

Aside from the largest gem quality aquamarine, there have been numerous other remarkable aquamarines discovered throughout history. While not all of them may rival the size of the largest specimen, they possess their own unique qualities and appeal. Here are a few notable gem quality aquamarines:

1. Hirsch Aquamarine:

This stunning aquamarine, weighing over 109 carats, was discovered in Brazil. It is known for its exceptional clarity and striking blue color.

2. Santa Maria Aquamarine:

Originating from the Santa Maria mine in Brazil, this aquamarine variety is renowned for its intensely vibrant blue color. The name “Santa Maria” is synonymous with high-quality aquamarines of a rich blue hue.

3. Martha Rocha Aquamarine:

Named after the Brazilian beauty queen Martha Rocha, this aquamarine is a pear-shaped gem weighing approximately 134 carats. It gained fame due to its exceptional size and beauty.

4. Beryl Duchess:

This extraordinary aquamarine, named “Beryl Duchess,” weighs over 93 carats and is considered one of the largest faceted aquamarines in the world. It showcases the gem’s classic blue-green color and transparency.

5. Maxixe Aquamarine:

The Maxixe aquamarine exhibits an intense blue color, but unlike other aquamarines, it owes its color to radiation rather than the presence of iron. It is sensitive to light and can fade over time.

Each of these gem quality aquamarines possesses its own unique charm and allure, making them treasured additions to the world of gemstones and jewelry. Their beauty continues to captivate gem enthusiasts and collectors, ensuring that the timeless appeal of aquamarine endures through the ages.


The largest gem quality aquamarine stands as a testament to the remarkable beauty and allure of nature’s gifts. Its exceptional size, clarity, and captivating color elevate it to a level of enchantment that few gemstones can match. As guardians of this priceless treasure, we are tasked with cherishing its historical significance and safeguarding its splendor for future generations. The story of this majestic gem will forever echo in the annals of gemology, serving as a reminder of the enduring fascination that rare and exceptional gemstones inspire.


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