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What color aquamarine is most valuable: A Quick Guide

by Madonna

Aquamarine, with its serene blue hues reminiscent of the ocean, is a highly coveted gemstone. While aquamarine occurs in a range of colors, there are specific shades that are considered more valuable and desirable in the gemstone market. In this article, we will explore the different colors of aquamarine and discuss which color is considered the most valuable and sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Understanding Aquamarine’s Color Spectrum

Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family of minerals, which also includes emerald. Its color ranges from pale blue to deep blue-green, with variations influenced by trace elements and the stone’s clarity. The primary color imparted by aquamarine is blue, but it can vary in intensity and saturation. Let’s delve into the different shades of aquamarine:


Pale Blue Aquamarine:

This is the most common and widely available shade of aquamarine. It exhibits a delicate light blue hue, often resembling the color of the sky on a clear day. While pale blue aquamarines are beautiful, they are generally less valuable than their deeper blue counterparts.


Medium Blue Aquamarine:

Medium blue aquamarines are highly regarded and sought after. These stones possess a vibrant and saturated blue color that is visually appealing. They strike a balance between being too light and too dark, making them ideal for various jewelry designs.


Dark Blue Aquamarine:

Dark blue aquamarines are known for their intense and rich coloration. These stones display a deeper shade of blue, often with green undertones. Dark blue aquamarines have a captivating and striking appearance, making them highly desirable among collectors.

Blue-Green Aquamarine:

Also referred to as teal or bluish-green aquamarine, this color variation incorporates hints of green into the blue spectrum. These stones possess a unique and alluring coloration, combining the tranquility of blue with the freshness of green. Blue-green aquamarines are prized for their distinctiveness.

Factors Influencing Aquamarine Value

Several factors contribute to determining the value of an aquamarine gemstone, including color. Here are some key elements that impact the worth of aquamarines:

Color Intensity:

The intensity and saturation of the aquamarine’s color significantly influence its value. Stones with a vibrant and saturated blue color are generally more valuable than those with a lighter or less intense hue.


Clarity refers to the presence of inclusions or internal flaws within the stone. Aquamarines with higher clarity, meaning fewer visible inclusions, tend to command higher prices due to their enhanced visual appeal.

Cut and Shape:

The cut and shape of an aquamarine can also affect its value. Well-cut stones with excellent symmetry and proportions maximize their brilliance and showcase the beauty of the gem. Popular cuts for aquamarine include emerald, oval, round, and pear shapes.


As with most gemstones, larger aquamarines tend to have a higher value than smaller ones. However, other factors such as color, clarity, and overall quality still play a crucial role in determining the stone’s worth.


While not directly related to color, the origin of an aquamarine can impact its desirability and value. Some sources, such as Brazil, Madagascar, and Zambia, are known for producing high-quality aquamarines with exceptional color and clarity. Gems from these renowned origins often carry a premium price.

Most Valuable Aquamarine Color

Among the various shades of aquamarine, the most valuable color is typically considered to be a medium to dark, pure blue. This shade exhibits a deep and intense blue tone without excessive green or gray undertones. It strikes a harmonious balance between brightness, saturation, and depth, captivating the eye with its mesmerizing allure.

These medium to dark blue aquamarines are highly coveted for their exceptional color saturation. The rich hues of these stones exude a sense of luxury and sophistication, making them sought after by gem enthusiasts and collectors alike.

While personal preferences may vary, the market demand for medium to dark blue aquamarines often drives their higher value in the gemstone industry.


Aquamarine’s value is influenced by various factors, with color being a significant determinant. While pale blue aquamarines are common and still prized for their beauty, medium to dark blue aquamarines are generally considered the most valuable due to their intense and saturated coloration. These shades exhibit a richness and vibrancy that draw attention and captivate the beholder.

In conclusion, while medium to dark blue aquamarines are generally considered the most valuable due to their intense and saturated coloration, the true worth of an aquamarine lies in its ability to evoke beauty, capture the imagination, and resonate with the wearer. Whether you prefer a pale blue, medium blue, dark blue, or even a blue-green aquamarine, choose the color that speaks to you personally and brings you joy. Embrace the enchanting hues of aquamarine and revel in the unique beauty and elegance this captivating gemstone has to offer.


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