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Top Trends in Emerald Cut Aquamarine Rings

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Aquamarine, with its serene blue hues reminiscent of clear ocean waters, has long been a favorite in the world of gemstones. When cut in the elegant and timeless emerald cut, this gemstone exudes sophistication and a contemporary edge that makes it a popular choice for rings. This article delves into the latest trends in emerald cut aquamarine rings, exploring their appeal, design innovations, and what to look for when selecting one.

The Allure of Aquamarine

Symbolism and Aesthetics

Aquamarine is more than just a pretty gemstone. Its name, derived from the Latin “aqua marina” meaning “water of the sea,” captures its essence perfectly. This gemstone is often associated with tranquility, courage, and clarity. Its pale blue to blue-green color ranges can evoke a sense of calm and peace, making it a favored choice for those seeking both beauty and meaning in their jewelry.


Emerald Cut: A Classic Choice

The emerald cut, characterized by its rectangular shape with stepped facets, was initially developed for emeralds. However, it has since become a popular cut for various gemstones, including aquamarine. This cut highlights the clarity of the stone and creates a hall-of-mirrors effect with its parallel facets, making it ideal for showcasing the brilliance and color of aquamarine.


Current Trends in Emerald Cut Aquamarine Rings

Minimalist Designs

Minimalism continues to dominate the jewelry industry, and emerald cut aquamarine rings are no exception. Sleek, simple settings that focus on the stone itself are highly sought after. These designs often feature thin bands, allowing the aquamarine to take center stage. The clean lines of the emerald cut complement this minimalist approach perfectly, creating a look that is both modern and timeless.


Halo Settings

While minimalism is popular, halo settings remain a beloved trend. A halo of smaller diamonds or gemstones encircling the emerald cut aquamarine adds sparkle and enhances the perceived size of the central stone. This setting style creates a striking contrast and brings out the aquamarine’s color, making it appear even more vibrant.

Vintage and Art Deco Inspirations

Vintage-inspired designs, particularly those influenced by the Art Deco era, are making a comeback. These designs often feature intricate details, geometric patterns, and the use of mixed metals. Emerald cut aquamarine rings with milgrain detailing, filigree work, and antique-style settings are highly prized. The geometric nature of the emerald cut aligns beautifully with the Art Deco aesthetic, offering a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern elegance.

Colored Gemstone Accents

Incorporating colored gemstones as accents is a trend gaining momentum. Sapphires, emeralds, and even other shades of aquamarine can add a unique twist to the classic emerald cut aquamarine ring. These colorful accents can be set as side stones, in the halo, or even on the band itself, adding a personalized touch and enhancing the overall appeal of the ring.

Mixed Metals

Using mixed metals in jewelry design is another trend that has caught the attention of designers and consumers alike. Combining white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and even platinum in a single piece can create a striking and contemporary look. This trend allows for greater versatility in matching the ring with other jewelry pieces and outfits. Emerald cut aquamarine rings with mixed metal settings offer a fresh take on a classic design.

Unique Band Designs

Innovative band designs are also on the rise. From twisted and split shanks to bands adorned with intricate engravings or pavé diamonds, these unique touches add personality and flair to emerald cut aquamarine rings. These design elements can enhance the ring’s overall aesthetic and make it a true statement piece.

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Choosing the Perfect Emerald Cut Aquamarine Ring

Assessing Quality

When selecting an emerald cut aquamarine ring, it’s essential to consider the quality of the gemstone. The key factors to evaluate include:

Color: The most desirable aquamarines are a clear, bright blue or blue-green without any yellow or brown tints. The intensity of the color can significantly affect the stone’s value.

Clarity: Aquamarines are known for their excellent clarity, often being eye-clean with no visible inclusions. The emerald cut can highlight any imperfections, so a high-clarity stone is ideal.

Cut: The precision of the emerald cut is crucial as it impacts the stone’s brilliance and overall appearance. Look for well-proportioned stones with even, parallel facets.

Carat Weight: Larger aquamarines are available and relatively affordable compared to other gemstones. However, the size should be balanced with the stone’s color and clarity to ensure the best appearance.

Setting and Metal Choices

The choice of setting and metal can significantly impact the overall look of the ring. Platinum and white gold are popular choices for aquamarine rings as they complement the stone’s blue hues. Rose gold can add a warm contrast, while yellow gold offers a classic, timeless appeal. Consider your style and how the ring will coordinate with other pieces of jewelry you own.

Ethical Considerations

As with any gemstone purchase, it’s essential to consider the ethical sourcing of aquamarines. Look for retailers who provide information about the origin of their stones and adhere to ethical mining practices. This ensures that your beautiful piece of jewelry also supports responsible and sustainable practices in the gemstone industry.


Emerald cut aquamarine rings offer a blend of classic elegance and contemporary style that makes them a timeless choice for any jewelry collection. Whether you prefer minimalist designs, vintage-inspired settings, or unique band styles, there’s an emerald cut aquamarine ring to suit your taste. By understanding the latest trends and knowing what to look for in terms of quality and design, you can find the perfect ring that not only showcases the beauty of aquamarine but also reflects your style and values.

As you explore the world of emerald cut aquamarine rings, remember that each piece is a work of art, combining the natural beauty of the gemstone with the creativity and craftsmanship of the jeweler. Whether you’re selecting a ring for yourself or as a gift, an emerald cut aquamarine ring is sure to be a cherished and admired piece for years to come.


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