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Rio Tinto Temporarily Closes Large Diavik Mine Section

by Madonna

Rio Tinto has temporarily closed one of the main pits at its Diavik mine in Canada due to unstable ground conditions.

The company became aware of subsidence on part of the road leading to the A154 underground area, one of the two major mining pits at Diavik, as reported to Rapaport News on Monday. Subsidence involves gradual caving or sinking of land, posing safety risks.


“A subsidence area was detected on an access road to the A154 pit at the Diavik diamond mine on the evening of Thursday, July 4,” a spokesperson stated. “All employees are safe, but as a precaution, operations underground in the A154 pit have been temporarily suspended until further understanding of the cause.”


Rio Tinto did not disclose the duration of the pit closure or potential impact on rough diamond production. Typically, addressing subsidence requires structural enhancements, which could entail significant time and effort.


Diavik represents Rio Tinto’s sole diamond asset and is scheduled for closure in 2026. Earlier this year, the company reported a 22% decline in first-quarter output following a brief production halt to mourn workers lost in a plane crash.


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