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Diamond Drilling Expert Poised To Reach £40 Million In Sales

by Madonna

LDD, a specialist in diamond drilling, expects its order book to reach £50 million as construction activity rebounds in London. The company also focuses on passive fire protection, BWIC, and soft strip work, primarily serving the London fit-out and commercial buildings markets.

The growth in the year leading to June 2024 has been driven by a significant project in Canary Wharf, boosting LDD’s presence. Additionally, the firm has seen increased activity in the airport sector, securing contracts at Heathrow, Gatwick, and Manchester. To capitalize on opportunities in the life sciences sector, LDD has opened a new office in East Anglia.


Owner Ziggy Seagroatt highlighted the thriving data centre market, with LDD currently handling three major fire protection projects in west London. The surge in contracts has expanded LDD’s workforce to nearly 500 employees across its operations.


Seagroatt commented, “This achievement marks a significant milestone for us, positioning LDD strongly for the upcoming financial year. Despite challenges from Covid-19, our strategic efforts to enhance talent across divisions are yielding positive results. Our Fire Protection Business, particularly in airports and data centres, has shown robust growth.”


He added, “Opening our East Anglia office was a strategic move in response to rising demand in the Life Science Sector. Norfolk, in particular, has proven to be a vibrant area for us, securing major projects in Kings Lynn and Norwich from our established client base in London.”


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