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Sophisticated burglars target West Hollywood jewelry store in looting incident

by Madonna

Burglars entered a jewelry store in West Hollywood unnoticed over the weekend, avoiding triggering its alarm system and gaining access to the premises for an entire day.

Huener Jewelry, a family-run establishment on Santa Monica Boulevard, had shut its doors for Saturday when the thieves struck. They ransacked both the front display and safes located in the rear, seizing all the inventory.


Store owner Robert Goukasian used Instagram to inform customers about the theft, sharing videos that captured multiple burglars breaking into safes and stuffing items into backpacks. Security footage depicted the thieves celebrating with hugs and fist bumps during the heist.


“These criminals demonstrated a high level of sophistication,” Goukasian remarked in his Instagram post.


According to his account, the burglars made two entries into the store on Saturday — once in the morning and again at night, cracking open a safe on each occasion. Remarkably, the alarm system remained inactive throughout.

Upon entering the store after the incident, Goukasian discovered items strewn about and empty jewelry boxes scattered throughout, with dirt covering the floor, mirroring scenes from the security footage where the burglars emptied the boxes into their bags.

“We are currently in the process of updating our inventory and plan to reopen soon,” the store’s Instagram update on Monday assured followers.


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