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Introducing the Fabergé and Gemfields Malaika Egg

by Madonna

The ‘Malaika’ egg, named for its Swahili meaning ‘angel,’ celebrates its origins in Mozambique, where rubies from the Montepuez mine were ethically sourced. Crafted in 18k rose gold, it features a rich palette of 308 Mozambican rubies, 4,312 white diamonds, 252 brown diamonds, 421 pink sapphires, and 61 amethysts, meticulously set to reflect Fabergé’s historical opulence. Handcrafted in England by skilled artisans using traditional techniques, the egg showcases a guilloché enamel exterior reminiscent of angelic wings, with intricate gaps revealing a hidden surprise inside.

The craftsmanship includes a five-carat Mozambican ruby nestled within a rose gold filigree sphere, accessible by turning a pearl ring at its base. This masterpiece not only exemplifies Fabergé’s dedication to artistry but also supports ethical practices, with a portion of its proceeds benefiting the Gemfields Foundation. Established to promote sustainable development in African mining communities, this charitable initiative underscores the Malaika Egg’s contribution beyond its aesthetic beauty.


Available for $1,200,000/£960,000, the Fabergé x Gemfields Malaika Egg continues to uphold Fabergé’s legacy of craftsmanship and philanthropy, blending luxury with social responsibility.


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