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Vivid Blue Diamond ‘Bleu Royal’ Fetches Nearly $44 Million in Auction

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A rare blue diamond fetched nearly $44 million at an auction in Geneva on Tuesday, making it one of the world’s most expensive diamonds ever sold.

Known as the “Bleu Royal,” the 17.61-carat pear-shaped diamond was sold for $43.8 million (CHF 39,505,000) at Christie’s auction house. The sale far exceeded its estimated price of $35 million, according to reports from the Associated Press, CBS News, and Reuters.


The diamond, set on a ring alongside two smaller diamonds totaling 3.12 carats and 3.07 carats, is noted for its vivid blue color and elegant pear brilliant shape. The auction also featured a platinum and 18k rose gold band, enhancing its allure.


Rahul Kadakia, Christie’s international head of jewelry, remarked, “The stone fetched almost $44 million. It’s a significant sum, especially given the current global situation.”


Max Fawcett, head of Christie’s jewelry department in Geneva, explained the diamond’s appeal, saying, “Its deep, rich blue color and unique pear shape made it highly desirable to collectors worldwide, from the Far East to America. We’re thrilled with the outcome.”

After the auction, the diamond will move to a private collection for the first time in 40 years, as reported by ABC News. Christie’s auction, which included other rare jewelry items, totaled over $77 million in sales, highlighting strong demand for exceptional pieces.

Fawcett added, “The market remains robust in certain categories. Colored stones and signed jewelry performed exceptionally well. There’s a strong appetite among collectors for rare and exquisite pieces.”


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