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Beginning Soon: Luton Mural Project Featuring ‘Rough Gemstones’

by Madonna

Internationally acclaimed artist Silvia Lerín is set to kick off the next phase of the ‘Rough Gemstones’ mural project on July 8. This initiative, aimed at boosting the liveliness of Silver Street and Library Road, is poised to become a striking landmark in Luton town centre.

To pave the way for the mural’s installation, scaffolding will be put up on July 8. During this period, a few temporary adjustments will be made to ensure public safety and convenience.


The pavement along Silver Street adjacent to the library will be temporarily closed at the project’s start and end. Pedestrians will be directed to the opposite side of the street near The Shisha Lounge.


This essential infrastructure work is anticipated to last only a few days, ensuring a safe and efficient progression of the project. While the mural’s completion is projected for early August, the exact date remains flexible.


Following a month-long public vote both online and at The Mall, the emerald design emerged victorious for the mural. This design, lauded for its vibrant hues and intricate patterns, symbolizes the multicultural brilliance of Luton’s 225,226 residents, embodying unity, creativity, and opportunity in the city’s core.

Jacki Flower, BID Operation Manager, expressed excitement about the community’s engagement and backing: “With substantial support from Luton Borough Council, the Culture Trust Luton, and The Mall, we’ve been diligently working on this transformative project. We eagerly anticipate the vibrant addition to our town.”

Conceived by Silvia Lerín, a renowned Spanish visual artist residing in Luton, the mural will illuminate Silver Street and Library Road. Lerín’s extensive portfolio includes exhibitions across Germany, Spain, and the UK, alongside prestigious awards such as the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant of New York.

Luton Business Improvement District (BID) is committed to enhancing the economic vitality and overall appeal of Luton town centre through collaborative initiatives and community engagement.


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