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De Beers Launches 2024 Shining Light Awards for Emerging Jewelers

by Madonna

The De Beers Group Designers Initiative (DBGDI) has announced the launch of the 2024 Shining Light Awards, a competition aimed at nurturing young talent in jewellery design and manufacturing. This initiative is part of De Beers’ commitment to skills development in its diamond-producing countries: Botswana, Canada, Namibia, and South Africa.

A Legacy of Opportunity

Since its inception over 25 years ago, the Shining Light Awards have provided a platform for aspiring jewellery designers. This year, the competition offers a prize pool of R1.6 million per country. The biennial event is open to designers aged 18 to 35 who are either in their final year of study, have graduated from a jewellery design program, or possess relevant experience in the field.


Application Details

Entries for the 2024 competition will be accepted from June 19 to August 16, 2024. The event provides a significant opportunity for young designers to showcase their talent and gain recognition.


Commitment to Sustainability and Growth

Otsile Mabeo, vice president for corporate affairs at De Beers Global Sightholder Sales, emphasizes the company’s commitment to sustainable development. “The SLA is part of our Building Forever Sustainability Strategy commitment to ‘Accelerate Equal Opportunity’,” he explains. “We ensure that every diamond we discover contributes to the sustainable development of our host communities.”


Theme: Luxury Redefined

This year’s theme, “Luxury Redefined,” invites Millennials and Gen Z to express their stories through innovative and inclusive designs. Entrants are encouraged to redefine luxury by focusing on authenticity and diversity.

Moses Madondo, managing director of De Beers Managed Operations, highlights the evolution of the competition. “The SLA has evolved from a jewellery design competition to a youth enablement initiative that celebrates and capacitates jewellery design talent. It optimizes various facets of the diamond value chain, from design to sales and marketing.”

Awards and Recognition

Winners from each of the four producer countries will be announced at a gala ceremony in Johannesburg, South Africa, in November 2024. An esteemed international panel will judge the entries.

This year’s awards offer flexible options tailored to the career stages of the winners. Prizes include combinations of business support, internships, skills development, and tuition support for further studies.


The Shining Light Awards continue to be a beacon for young jewellery designers, providing them with the tools and opportunities to excel in the industry. The 2024 competition promises to uncover new talent and redefine the future of luxury jewellery design.


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