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Yellow Diamond of 45 Carats Expected to Sell for $3.5 Million

by Madonna

A large yellow diamond, weighing 45.07 carats, is expected to fetch between $2.8 million and $3.5 million at an auction held by Phillips in New York on Wednesday, June 12.

This diamond is the highlight of the New York Jewels Auction, which showcases various colored diamonds and gemstones, along with period jewelry and pieces by renowned brands like Cartier, Bulgari, and Van Cleef & Arpels.


Featuring a square emerald-cut with VS1 clarity, the diamond is meticulously faceted in a step-cut style, which is considered an unconventional choice to accentuate its color and enhance the illusion of deeper saturation.


According to the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF), the diamond scores 11 out of 12 in total visual appeal, with high ratings for inner grade, color dispersion, and undertone. Despite its depth percentage and excellent polish and symmetry grades, the diamond’s visual impact may make it appear smaller than its actual carat weight.


If the diamond reaches its highest estimated price, it would amount to $77,657 per carat. In comparison, a 15.51-carat VS2 fancy vivid yellow diamond sold for $1.14 million in March, achieving $73,253 per carat, surpassing its initial valuation at a previous Phillips auction in Hong Kong.


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