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Luxury Jewelry Reflecting the Origins of Its Diamonds

by Madonna

A captivating new fine jewelry line is shaking up the scene with a fresh take on design, drawing inspiration from natural diamonds found exclusively in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The Lands Collection is a tribute to the region’s diverse geology and breathtaking beauty, presenting a novel perspective on the intersection of nature and craftsmanship in jewelry making. With a focus on sustainability, it challenges conventional luxury norms and advocates for a closer bond between the jewelry we adorn and the Earth it originates from. This ethos is reminiscent of the wine industry’s appreciation for terroir, ensuring that each piece narrates a distinct story of its origin.

As the world’s third-largest diamond-producing area, the Northwest Territories is home to three diamond mines. Each of the Lands Collection’s sub-collections—Ice, Earth, and Spirit—pays homage to these mines and the unique environments that have shaped their natural diamonds. The Ice collection features diamonds from the Diavik mine, formed through a kimberlite eruption 75 million years ago. These diamonds, often as clear and pure as Arctic ice, are showcased in white metal settings, with baguette-shaped diamonds echoing the fissures in the ice.


Just a stone’s throw away lies the Ekati mine, offering a contrasting narrative amidst ancient, fossilized sequoias and rich deposits of yellow and cape-colored diamonds. This forms the essence of the Earth collection, represented in designs incorporating geological pyramid motifs and set in rose and yellow metals to reflect the warmth of the diamonds.


The Spirit collection draws inspiration from the Gahcho Kue mine, known for its mesmerizing fluorescent diamonds formed under the Northern Lights. Designs in this collection feature bubble and sphere motifs, capturing the spiritual essence of their origins.


Each collection is crafted with Modern Electrum, a revived ancient metal alloy combining gold, silver, palladium, rhodium, and platinum, all 100% recycled. This commitment to sustainability underscores the ethos of the Lands Collection, reflecting a luxury that respects the Earth and echoes the conscientious lifestyle of the Northwest Territories.

Designer Chiara Colombani, based in Milan, has intricately woven the stories of these mines into each piece of the Lands Collection. Drawing on her extensive design background with major jewelry houses, Colombani has created iconic motifs meant to be mixed, matched, and stacked seamlessly. Additionally, each piece is tracked through a blockchain process, ensuring transparency and providing buyers with a direct link to the origin and journey of their chosen piece.

The Lands Collection pioneers a new era in jewelry design, merging the allure of natural diamonds with the narrative of their origins. While all wearers of natural diamonds carry a fragment of the Earth’s story, the Lands Collection offers a chance to connect with a specific part of that narrative through jewelry uniquely inspired by the distinct characteristics of each diamond.


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