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Princess Kate and Meghan Markle Unite to Honor Princess Diana

by Madonna

Princess Kate and Meghan Markle may have their differences, but they share a deep respect for the late Princess Diana. Both women have inherited heirlooms from their mother-in-law after marrying into the royal family.

Blake Asaad, founder of Goodstone jewelers, highlighted some of the most stunning pieces worn by Meghan and Kate over the years.


The Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

The engagement ring Princess Diana received from Prince Charles holds significant value. It was uniquely hers and not an inherited royal piece. Diana had it customized from Garrard, with a sapphire designed to reflect royal tradition. Asaad noted, “Its design resembles Queen Victoria’s sapphire brooch, creating a sense of historical continuity.”


Originally inherited by Prince Harry, he gave it to Prince William when he became engaged to Kate.


Earring Sets

Both Meghan and Kate own a variety of Diana’s earrings, which they have worn on numerous royal occasions. These include the sapphire and diamond double-drop earrings, the sapphire and diamond single-stud earrings, and the Collingwood pearl and diamond earrings. Kate was last seen wearing the double-drop sapphire earrings during a Christmas walkabout in 2023.

The Aquamarine Ring

Meghan Markle owns Diana’s aquamarine ring, which she wore during her wedding reception at Frogmore House, paired with a Welsh gold wedding band. According to Asaad, “Diana also owned a matching bracelet, but it’s not known who inherited it.”

The Diamond Bracelet

Meghan was seen wearing Diana’s diamond bracelet during her interview with Oprah Winfrey alongside Harry. The Daily Express reported that some of the stones from this bracelet were used to create Meghan’s engagement ring.

Concluding his analysis, Asaad said, “These stunning accessories have enhanced the natural beauty of these three women during significant occasions while allowing Kate and Meghan to honor the memory of their husbands’ mother. They evoke a sense of history, majesty, and precious memories.”


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