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Closure Looms for 24th St. Jewelry Store After Devastating Burglary

by Madonna

Shine Little Diamond, a jewelry shop nestled on 24th Street, has fallen victim to a heart-wrenching burglary on New Year’s Day, leaving the establishment ransacked and its owner, Edwin Ayala, grappling with the decision to close the shop permanently.

Expressing the profound impact of the incident, Ayala, the 39-year-old proprietor, shared, “It was really bad, we are super scared about it, we don’t want to open anymore.” Two years after opening the shop, Ayala’s dreams have been shattered as the store now faces closure due to the extensive damage and loss incurred.


The devastating discovery unfolded on Monday morning when Ayala arrived at the shop, only to find locks cut and doors forcibly opened. The aftermath revealed a scene of destruction, with shattered glass display cases and the absence of valuable merchandise. Chunks of wood torn from the door scattered near the entry, bearing witness to the forceful entry by the burglars.


Ayala believes the shop was intentionally targeted, emphasizing the theft of the surveillance camera box storing crucial footage. The burglars disabled the alarm system after smashing it, leaving Ayala without essential video evidence. While police are actively investigating and collecting fingerprints, Ayala estimates losses of approximately $50,000 worth of stolen jewelry.


The impact extends beyond the business realm, affecting Ayala’s secondary career as a local musician. His three cherished Gibson guitars, along with an orange amplifier and pedalboard, were among the stolen musical equipment. Plans for recording a new album this month have been abruptly canceled, adding a personal and artistic toll to the ordeal.

The financial strain on Ayala is exacerbated by the absence of insurance coverage, as the small business could not afford the premiums. This leaves him in a precarious position when customers inquire about their jewelry undergoing repairs. Ayala expressed his deep emotional distress, stating, “It’s sad, and I’m so scared. Honestly, I don’t feel the energy to deal with that; it’s too much.”

As Shine Little Diamond contemplates permanent closure, the incident underscores the vulnerability of small businesses facing both financial and emotional hardships in the aftermath of criminal acts.


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