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Maui Jewelry Store Embodies Compassion: Restoring Wildfire-Damaged Treasures at No Cost

by Madonna

In the wake of last year’s devastating wildfires on Maui, the island’s residents have showcased their resilience and compassion. No Ka ‘Oi Jewelers in Kahului, owned by Omi Chamdi, stands out as a beacon of generosity by offering free jewelry repair services worth hundreds of dollars to those who saw their cherished gold and jewels tarnished or damaged in the fires.

Inspired by the tales of jewelers aiding communities affected by the Californian wildfires in 2018, Chamdi decided to extend his expertise to bring solace to those grappling with the aftermath of the Maui wildfires.


“These are not just ordinary items, these are the most precious possessions that people go back to the ruins and dig through the rubble to find,” Chamdi emphasized. “That’s why I feel this is something I want to do and must do because this is within my expertise.”


No Ka ‘Oi has already restored over 150 pieces of jewelry, and an additional 300 objects are in the queue, sent in by residents who lost their jewelry boxes and safes to the fires. While diamonds and precious stones typically withstand the effects of fire, gold can suffer tarnishing and disfigurement, with settings collapsing and stones scattering.


To restore the shine to these treasured items, techniques such as soldering, polishing, laser cleaning, or rhodium plating may be required, incurring costs of $150 or more. However, Chamdi is shouldering the entire expense, exemplifying a heartfelt commitment to his community’s healing process.

Chamdi shared that people have brought in pieces that they spent days searching for amidst the ashes of their homes and possessions. The restoration process goes beyond jewelry; it is a gesture of empathy and support during a challenging time.

For instance, Michelle Quirk, a Lahaina resident, utilized a shovel to sift through the remains of her house and uncovered six rings belonging to her great-grandmother. No Ka ‘Oi successfully restored all of them. Reflecting on the experience, Quirk expressed, “Just finding the rings honestly has helped me emotionally. Before, I couldn’t even really talk about it or understand what happened. Then once those rings were found, it gave me hope.”

No Ka ‘Oi Jewelers, through Chamdi’s benevolence, is not just restoring jewelry; it is contributing to the restoration of hope and emotional well-being for those grappling with the aftermath of the wildfires on Maui.


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