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Unearthing Gemfield: Nevada’s Premier Chalcedony Dig Site

by Madonna

Nevada’s vast desert expanse harbors a wealth of natural gemstones and minerals, but when it comes to chalcedony, Gemfield emerges as a peerless destination. Situated in western central Nevada, this public dig site is hailed as the largest repository of gemstone-quality chalcedony in the United States.

Chalcedony, a smooth quartz stone encompassing varieties such as agate, jasper, and opalite, is renowned for its exceptional hardness and luster, making it an ideal canvas for polishing and crafting exquisite jewelry. Gemfield’s chalcedony manifests in a myriad of shapes, patterns, and hues, spanning from verdant greens and inky blacks to delicate blues and pinkish-purples. The site’s diverse offerings beckon visitors to explore the hillside, enticing them to spend the day searching for their coveted gemstone.


However, Gemfield is more than just a chalcedony haven. It stands as a treasure trove for rockhounds, boasting an impressive mineral diversity within a relatively compact space. Beyond chalcedony, Gemfield reveals deposits of turquoise, jasper, borax, silver, and even gold, ensuring a rich and rewarding experience for enthusiasts.


Before embarking on a chalcedony expedition, visitors should take note of essential details. Gemfield, located four miles northwest of Goldfield and 30 miles south of Tonopah, along Gemfield Road, welcomes enthusiasts from sunrise to sunset year-round. Digging privileges are acquired at the nominal rate of $1 per pound, strictly on a cash-only basis, adhering to an honor system. Signing the visitor log at the entrance not only grants permission for collection on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property but also serves as a liability release.


Travelers should be mindful that Goldfield and the vicinity lack gas stations and restrooms, necessitating strategic planning. Adherence to designated roads is crucial, while avoiding fenced-off areas is imperative, as these signify old mine sites deemed unsafe for entry.

Equipping oneself with rockhounding tools is paramount; a collecting bucket, rockhounding pick, spray bottle, trowel, and gloves ensure a prepared and enjoyable experience. Upon arrival, a welcome kiosk offers insights into Gemfield’s diverse mineral deposits and provides guidance on locating these geological treasures. Gemfield, a true gem within Nevada’s arid landscape, awaits those seeking an immersive and rewarding chalcedony exploration.


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