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‘Guochao’ Trend Elevates Gold Jewelry Designs Among Young Consumers

by Madonna

In Beijing, the surge of the “Guochao” or “China-chic” trend is reshaping the landscape of gold jewelry, capturing the attention of a burgeoning young consumer base.

Alan Chan, Chief Brand Officer of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, noted a growing inclination among young consumers toward high-quality gold jewelry that combines traditional craftsmanship with elements reflecting Chinese culture. This trend has become a dominant force in various jewelry stores across Beijing.


Jewelry designers are leveraging inspiration from Chinese cultural motifs, integrating unique traditional craftsmanship techniques such as engraving and filigree into their designs. Chow Tai Fook’s Master Studio, under Chan’s guidance, has assembled seasoned gold and jewelry artisans dedicated to preserving traditional techniques while embracing innovation in both artistic expression and production methods.


A recent Ipsos survey disclosed that a staggering 91 percent of Chinese respondents prefer jewelry infused with traditional Chinese cultural elements. Approximately half of the respondents associate such jewelry with positive meanings and exceptional craftsmanship.


Ren Jin, a prominent figure in the Chinese jewelry design industry with over 30 years of experience, has found a special affinity for gold. Inspired by the rich cultural significance and imaginative qualities inherent in Chinese gold traditions, Ren draws upon these elements to create unique designs.

A jewelry consumption trend survey report reinforces gold’s enduring popularity among Chinese consumers, with 77 percent indicating a preference for gold jewelry on significant occasions.

The bustling flagship store of Caibai Jewelry, a leading gold retailer in Beijing, draws a predominantly young clientele. A salesperson noted an increased demand for gold jewelry, particularly items featuring fashionable designs and collaborations with popular intellectual properties (IPs), driven in part by rising gold prices this year.

Mr. Li, a customer exploring gold jewelry, revealed his annual tradition of gifting his wife a piece of gold jewelry for the New Year. This year, he expressed admiration for a round ancient-style gold pendant adorned with intricate patterns, featuring the Chinese character for “fortune” and auspicious cloud patterns on both sides.

Li remarked, “There is now a wide selection of exquisite jewelry available, much more than the limited choices in previous years.” The evolving landscape of gold jewelry, influenced by the ‘Guochao’ trend, reflects a dynamic fusion of tradition and contemporary aesthetics, resonating strongly with a new generation of consumers in Beijing.


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