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French Entrepreneur Camille Nusbaumer Unveils Unique Jewelry Brand Inspired by Global Wonders in Shanghai

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Shanghai, China – Camille Nusbaumer, a passionate French entrepreneur residing in Shanghai for the past decade, has unveiled her unique jewelry brand, ZOAJE, combining French elegance with global inspiration. This endeavor was born out of Camille’s love for designing and crafting jewelry from an early age. Set against the dynamic backdrop of Shanghai’s diverse international community, ZOAJE has thrived, offering high-quality, handcrafted jewelry that captures the essence of travel and personal journeys.

In a recent interview, Camille shared insights into her entrepreneurial journey, the inspiration behind ZOAJE, and the challenges and successes encountered in the vibrant business environment of Shanghai.


About Camille Nusbaumer and ZOAJE

Camille, a 31-year-old French entrepreneur, has found her second home in Shanghai. Married to her co-founder, Clément, and a proud mother to Zoé, Camille’s life revolves around creativity, music, knowledge, and exploration. ZOAJE, the jewelry brand founded a decade ago, derives its name from a combination of French sounds and concepts. With the slogan “Life is a Journey,” ZOAJE encapsulates the perfect blend of Zoé’s name (meaning “life”) and “VOYAGE” (meaning “journey”). The serendipitous revelation reinforces the brand’s commitment to the philosophy chosen at its inception.


Journey to Entrepreneurship in Shanghai

Shanghai’s vibrant and diverse atmosphere served as a catalyst for Camille’s entrepreneurial spirit. Recognizing a gap in the market for delicate, French-inspired jewelry shortly after arriving in Shanghai, Camille and Clément seized the opportunity to introduce ZOAJE to the community. The city’s energy and its international community provided an ideal platform for the brand to flourish.


Shanghai’s Remarkable Business Environment

Shanghai’s business scene, characterized by openness to innovation and a multicultural vibe, has been instrumental in ZOAJE’s success. The city’s diverse mix of cultures and ideas serves as a constant inspiration for the brand. Camille emphasizes the exceptional sense of community in Shanghai, acknowledging the tremendous support received from the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey.

Contributions to the Local Community

ZOAJE seeks to bring a touch of French-inspired global charm to the local community. The brand’s mission is to provide high-quality, handcrafted jewelry made from materials such as 14-carat gold-filled, 14-carat solid gold, and natural gemstones. By infusing a love for travel into their designs, ZOAJE aims to inspire customers on their unique journeys.

Challenges and Motivation

Setting up a business in Shanghai presents its own set of challenges, including navigating complex regulations, bureaucracy, and operational costs. However, Camille stays motivated by focusing on passion and positive responses from customers. The unique experiences and memories created through ZOAJE’s brand keep the team inspired.

Proud Moments and Achievements

Camille cherishes moments when she encounters individuals wearing ZOAJE pieces on Shanghai’s streets or receives gratitude from clients, highlighting the personal significance of their creations. Additionally, ZOAJE’s showroom was featured in the prestigious Louis Vuitton Shanghai city guide, marking a significant milestone and recognition of the brand’s dedication and creativity.

Future Plans

With an eye on sustainability, ZOAJE is researching eco-friendly materials and practices. The brand is also expanding its presence in other countries and exploring new product lines. Despite daily challenges, the team remains excited and motivated by the ongoing journey.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

Camille encourages fellow women entrepreneurs to believe wholeheartedly in their passion and vision. Seeking mentors, surrounding oneself with supportive individuals, and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth are crucial. Maintaining resilience and staying true to one’s unique voice and brand identity are key ingredients for success, according to Camille’s experience.


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