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Independent Jewelers Navigate Mixed Holiday Sales in 2023

by Madonna

As the countdown to Christmas ticks away, independent jewelers find themselves in a varied landscape this holiday season, with both positive surprises and disappointments shaping the sales narrative.

The insights come from the first 2023 INSTORE Holiday Season Mini Survey, where responses reveal a mixed sentiment among independent jewelers. Approximately 40% of respondents described their sales as either “disappointing” or “dismal,” contrasting with 35% who reported results as “better than expected” or “terrific.” The remaining respondents indicated their sales were in line with expectations.


Despite a prevalent optimism going into the holidays, with 57% anticipating a robust season, the reality on the ground appears more nuanced. Denise Oros, owner of Linnea Jewelers in La Grange, IL, shared her experience, citing decreased foot traffic, a modest increase in average ticket prices, and a shortfall in meeting sales targets.


Several factors contributed to the uneven sales performance. Weather conditions in states like Iowa and Florida impacted foot traffic, while inflation led to higher prices, influencing consumer spending decisions. Competition from other luxury segments added another layer of complexity to the sales landscape.


Jo Goralski, owner of The Jewelry Mechanic in Oconomowoc, WI, acknowledged the challenges but maintained a pragmatic outlook, noting the impact of post-pandemic excitement for travel on holiday sales expectations. Having strategically structured her business post the Great Recession, Goralski views the holiday season as a notable boost rather than the sole determinant of her annual success.

The surge in gold prices emerged as an additional hurdle for jewelers this year. The price increase translated into higher costs for certain jewelry pieces, diverting staff attention away from the sales floor to address customers looking to sell their old jewelry.

In summary, while some independent jewelers experienced positive outcomes this holiday season, others navigated challenges stemming from external factors such as weather, inflation, and shifts in consumer behavior. The final stretch leading up to Christmas will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the overall verdict for independent jewelers in 2023.


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