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Unveiling the Impact of Gemstones: Insights into Benefits and Potential Risks

by Madonna

In the realm of Jyotish Shastra, an ancient astrological tradition, there exists a catalogue of 84 gemstones, of which nine hold significant prominence. These gems, linked to celestial bodies known as Navagrahas, exert influence over our lives through their colors and vibrations. Beyond their religious significance, gemstones have garnered scientific recognition for their potential efficacy.

The strategic placement of gemstones on exposed parts of the body, particularly the hands, is considered more impactful, capitalizing on maximum exposure to natural light. In today’s discerning generation, the adoption of gemstone wear is approached with caution, recognizing both the religious and scientific dimensions of their impact.


Understanding the Body’s Response to Gemstones:

The human body, comprised of five fundamental elements, finds balance through the intervention of gemstones. Analogous to a balanced diet contributing to overall health, gemstones play a pivotal role in maintaining the equilibrium of natural elements within the body. Activating the body’s seven chakras, gemstones serve to dispel negative energy while enhancing positive energy, shielding individuals from the malefic effects of celestial bodies when worn with due adherence to rituals.


Navigating the Benefits and Potential Harms of Gemstones:

Similar to the repercussions of incorrect medication during illness, the improper use or selection of gemstones can yield harm instead of benefits. Prudent counsel from an astrologer is advised before donning gemstones.


Gemstone Associations with Planets (Nine Gemstones and their Planetary Connections):

1. Sun’s Gemstone (Ruby – Manikya): Worn to counteract the malefic effects of the Sun, a harmful ruby may result in headaches and bone-related issues.

2. Moon’s Gemstone (Pearl – Moti): Associated with the mind for attaining mental peace, if pearls cause mental disturbances, it suggests the gemstone is unsuitable.

3. Mars’ Gemstone (Red Coral – Moonga): Advised for those dealing with Mangal Dosha, a harmful Red Coral may lead to accidents and blood-related problems.

4. Mercury’s Gemstone (Emerald – Panna): Enhancing intelligence and speech, a harmful emerald may result in skin issues or sudden conflicts in relationships.

5. Jupiter’s Gemstone (Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj): Believed to bring spiritual, financial, and social prosperity, a harmful yellow sapphire may cause stomach and financial troubles.

6. Venus’ Gemstone (Diamond – Heera): Associated with luxury and physical pleasures, a harmful diamond can lead to arrogance and financial downfall.

7. Saturn’s Gemstone (Blue Sapphire – Neelam): Worn for Saturn’s auspiciousness, a harmful blue sapphire may result in accidents, tarnishing of reputation, and severe illnesses.

8. Rahu’s Gemstone (Hessonite – Gomed): Worn to mitigate Rahu’s malefic effects, a harmful hessonite may lead to accidents, blemishes on reputation, and serious health issues.

9. Ketu’s Gemstone (Cat’s Eye – Lehsunia): Associated with Ketu, the wearing of a cat’s eye is beneficial when Ketu is favorable; otherwise, it may cause skin diseases or nervous system disorders.

Understanding the nuanced relationship between gemstones and celestial bodies is imperative for harnessing their positive influences while mitigating potential risks. Consultation with a knowledgeable astrologer remains a prudent step in navigating the realm of gemstone use.


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