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Massachusetts Favors Diamonds as Top Holiday Gemstone, Reveals Study

by Madonna

In the spirit of the holiday season, a recent study sheds light on the gemstone preferences of Massachusetts residents, with diamonds reigning supreme as the most coveted gem, according to a comprehensive analysis by Mark Broumand, specialists in diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry.

As immortalized by Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, who famously declared diamonds to be “a girl’s best friend,” the allure of this precious gem persists in the Bay State, particularly during the festive Christmas period. The study delved into Google search data encompassing over 45 gemstones and nearly 500 keywords, revealing that diamonds emerged as the top choice for Massachusetts residents, followed by pearls and moissanite.


Diamonds, with an impressive average of 370,061 monthly searches across the United States, claimed the leading position in 38 states, including influential regions like Texas, New York, and Florida. Renowned for centuries as a symbol of opulence, diamonds have adorned the engagement rings of iconic figures, recently including celebrities like Barbara Palvin and Millie Bobby Brown.


The digital landscape also mirrors the enduring popularity of diamonds, with the hashtag “#diamond” amassing a staggering 24 million weekly views on TikTok nationwide.


Securing the second spot in Massachusetts’s gemstone hierarchy are pearls, characterized as a “purely organic gem” with a rich history. Boasting 211,062 monthly searches on Google, pearls have captivated the American public, drawing inspiration from influential figures like Coco Chanel and Cleopatra. The study highlights a noteworthy 212.5% surge in Pinterest popularity for pearls since January, underscoring their enduring appeal.

Moissanite takes the third spot in Massachusetts, experiencing a remarkable 131% surge in online search popularity over the past five years. Often mistaken for diamonds due to their similar appearance, moissanite presents a more cost-effective and eco-conscious alternative. With 277,880 monthly U.S. searches, moissanite captures the attention of consumers seeking sustainable and budget-friendly options, especially in states like Ohio, Utah, and Nebraska.

Emeralds, a gemstone nearly 20 times rarer than diamonds, claim the fourth position in Massachusetts, with 175,145 monthly U.S. searches. Boasting a rich history spanning billions of years and adorning the styles of icons like Jackie Kennedy and Halle Berry, emeralds witness a 45% increase in online searches over the past five years.

Rounding out the top five in Massachusetts is moonstone, with 154,950 monthly searches. Revered for its moonlike sheen, healing properties, and spiritual characteristics, moonstone has seen a substantial 54% surge in online searches over the past five years and enjoys particular popularity in states like Alaska, Maine, and Vermont.

The study draws its insights from Google Keyword Planner, analyzing 46 gemstones and 490 keywords to gauge trends across all 50 states from January 2023 to September 2023. The findings not only highlight the enduring allure of diamonds but also emphasize the growing interest in alternatives like moissanite, as consumers increasingly seek sustainable and budget-friendly options during the holiday season. A spokesperson from Mark Broumand remarked, “As Christmas shoppers increasingly seek sustainable and budget-friendly options, moissanite stands out as a brilliant choice that not only dazzles but also leaves you confident in your purchase.”


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